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Peonies In Autumn: When To Transplant And How To Prepare For Winter

With the approach of autumn, experienced gardeners begin to prepare their ornamental plants for wintering. Peonies are no exception, they also require certain activities that will help them successfully survive the cold season, and most importantly, bloom luxuriantly next season. But don’t be alarmed: the good news is that these […]

Peonies That Can Surprise: The Most Memorable Varieties And Types (Part 2)

Coral series ‘Coral Charm’ – the first hybrid of this series, created by American breeder S. Wissing in 1964. The flower is up to 20 cm in diameter, semi-double, Cup-shaped, when dissolved in a rich pink-coral color. The same breeder was registered ‘Coral Sunset’ (‘Coral Sunset’, 1965) and ‘Coral Supreme’ […]

How To Make Peonies Bloom If They Persist In Refusing To Do So

When growing peonies, it is not always possible to achieve success immediately. Unlike most perennial crops, this plant blooms only a few years after planting. Miscalculations and mistakes in agricultural technology will not appear immediately. You can still expect years when the cherished variety will please with flowering, but there […]

What is the Secret of the Popularity of American Peonies? (Part 2)

Peonies must have I do not know a single person, even far from floriculture, which would not have frozen in silent amazement, seeing in my garden American hybrid ‘Henry Bockstoce’. How could you not marvel at the sight of the huge with the baby’s head, double flowers with brilliant garnet-red […]

What is the Secret of the Popularity of American Peonies? (Part 1)

In recent years, the most popular in the world have become American varieties of peonies. The fact is that after the First world war, the center of selection of these plants gradually moved from France to the United States, where many nurseries were formed. There worked known originators, who gave […]