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Preparing Roses For Winter In Front Of the Shelter

Rose is the most popular crop among gardeners. Even though our Queen of flowers has quite high individual requirements for growing conditions, she still does not lose popularity. Caring for roses involves a number of agricultural activities throughout the year: loosening, watering, fertilizing, mulching, pruning and shelter. But the last […]

Three Ways to Shelter Roses For the Winter: Honestly About the Advantages And Disadvantages of Each

We continue to talk about the preparation of the rose garden for winter. In the harsh climate of the roses spend in the shelter. On how well we take care of our Pets, will depend on the success of wintering. Sometimes it’s a pity to send our gorgeous roses to […]

What are the Most Winter-Hardy Roses: a Cheat Sheet for the Novice Grower

I represent the top of the best roses that have proven themselves in difficult conditions of cold climate. This hardy winter-hardy varieties, characterized by lush flowering. Many of them bloom tirelessly all summer until the first frost, confidently winter and delight us with amazing beauty flowers. An unfading classic ‘Paul’s […]