The Cultivation of Carrots. Lazy Experience.

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Can grow a good crop of carrots lazy people (and it is to those I carry myself)? Yeah, maybe.

I grow carrots, but I treat this process without too much fuss. There are several reasons for this.

First. When applying any fertilizers, including organic-humus and manure, it is likely that vegetables will accumulate nitrates. And I do not want to risk my health.

Second. I have a hobby for several years — I make the soil naturally fertile. The beds don’t dig. Accordingly, to introduce fertilizers under digging can not.

Third. On my beds I grow different herbs that play the role of green manure and mulch in different periods of vegetation.

Fourth. I think that the extra work is not needed. These four reasons made me change my attitude to garden work. From them there was a technology of preparation of beds.

My secrets of growing carrots

I don’t dig carrot beds. The soil on them is not downy, but structured. After rain or watering on the surface of the crust is formed.

The Cultivation of Carrots. Lazy Experience.

All water is absorbed, puddles in the garden is not stagnant. This indicates a special structure of the beds, when the soil has tubules, there is air exchange, there are moves (they laid the roots of plants that used to live on it), on which the roots of carrots are convenient to Wade in the soil.

Preparation of beds in autumn

After the fall harvest of roots by cultivator I loosened the surface of the beds is simultaneously obtained weeding. And then I put on it the same tops that recently grew-flaunted on it.

The Cultivation of Carrots. Lazy Experience.

Then I sow seeds of green manure at random. It is good to choose cold-resistant fast-growing crops. For me it’s radish, salad, dill. Why do that? Imagine that there was no time to clean the garden for the winter. What happens to the tops and the grass? They will cover the garden, keep it from blowing, freezing, soaking — depending on the weather and season.

Term and method of sowing

In spring, remove any leaves not in a hurry. After all, I’m not in a hurry to sow carrots either: who said that she likes cold, chilly bad weather, which April is so famous for in my climate? With such a “favorite” weather carrot seeds germinate for a long time, sometimes have to wait three weeks. It happens that they do not ascend. Meanwhile, through the left in the fall of the tops begin to appear seeds of green manure.

I’m waiting for heat. Now the time has come — the warm wind and the sun warmed the bed. Then I throw off (the same flat cutter) the remains of a tops in a row and again superficially I loosen the soil, at the same time I cut off and I leave on a bed greens of my fertilizers. On loose dirt draw furrows and lay the seeds. Note that it was necessary to bend down only for this work — laying of seeds. And then I bury the tooth of the flat cutter under the groove and once again I spend under it — so the seeds are at the correct depth. That’s all. In warm soil, the seeds will germinate in five days.

The Cultivation of Carrots. Lazy Experience.

What about fertilizer? The tops that wintered in the garden, has already given all the nutrients to the soil. Green manure is a little older, their tops appeared on the surface of the beds, and the roots left in the ground. It is the fertilizer that earthworms will carry from the surface into the depth, and the soil bacteria will get fertilizer and redesigned, will give the carrot on time.

The Cultivation of Carrots. Lazy Experience.

Say that nature does not sow green manure. Like that. But in autumn, many different annual plants sprout, the sprouts of which die at the onset of frost. The same green manure, only natural. In the gardens, this also occurs only summer residents in the spring all the grass diligently hoes-cultivators cut down, clean the rake will gather so burned. I do so that all that remains after harvesting vegetables in the garden was delayed to benefit the new plants brought.

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