How to Get a Great Harvest of Large Garlic: My Experience in Growing

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I want to share with you my experience in growing garlic. I plant it quite a lot and always get a good harvest, which is stored without problems until the next harvest.

Features of cultivation and harvesting

This season I grew garlic, planted under winter in 2 tiers. This method I have already tried, and the result once again pleased.


I don’t mulch garlic beds. Of course, I know all the positive aspects of using mulch in the garden, and in many cases I use this agrotechnical technique. But for my garlic plantation, I believe mulching will do more harm than good. For example, this season, when it’s time to harvest, the rains charged. So we had to put off digging until the ground was dry.

How to Get a Great Harvest of Large Garlic: My Experience in Growing

If the beds were mulched, the garlic would have remained wet longer (for him it is very bad!), it would be impossible to remove it. Of course, everyone makes conclusions on the basis of personal experience. I say “no” to mulch the garlic beds.

Planting material

During the harvesting of garlic, it’s time to prepare the planting material for winter planting. It is necessary to postpone the largest and healthy specimens with large teeth, only in this case it will be possible to count on a good harvest. This year I will plant again in 2 tiers. I think this is a great option, especially for those gardeners who have cramped conditions — little land.

How to Get a Great Harvest of Large Garlic: My Experience in Growing

As I said, this summer harvest we started later than I should, so some heads cracked, as would have been revealed. That is, these copies sat in the ground. You should not put them in storage. These heads should be used for blanks or for winter planting.


On storage garlic needs lay only a healthy, well dried and net. Usually we tied it in bundles for tops and left for a few days in limbo. But this year it was enough just to let the crop lie on the bed — so warm and dry weather was established. After that, the garlic quite easily purified from the dried roots and the upper scales with his hands.

How to Get a Great Harvest of Large Garlic: My Experience in Growing

Storage methods are many, I put garlic in glass jars with a volume of 3 liters. Such containers should be pre-washed and dried, preferably even sterilized. After laying her garlic close no need.

There is another important condition for good safety. Once you have brought dried and peeled garlic in the room where it will be stored, in any case, you can not immediately pack it in banks. First you need to let him lie down, take the temperature at which he will winter. And only after that it will be possible to decompose into banks.

I hope my recommendations will be useful to you.

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