The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

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Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to remember that in the country we not only work, but also relax. And as to harness his plot.

Of course, ideally, the planning and zoning of the site is better to carry out at the stage of preparatory work, but to make any, even the most radical restructuring is never too late. The main thing is not to forget that the result should take into account the peculiarities of the territory and meet the needs of all family members.

Retro style corner

Perhaps this is how you can call a classic recreation area for a plot of 6 acres, most of which is occupied by beds and greenhouses. Put here a table and two benches, no frills, everything is simple and accessible.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

But to rest in such Spartan conditions was the most comfortable, you should take into account several important nuances:

  • First, country furniture should be placed so that at any time of the day to one of the benches did not get the sun’s rays.
  • Second, consider additional means to create shade: for example, put a trellis under curly ornamental plants (grapes, clematis, hops or beans).
  • Third, if the site is located on a slope, do not be lazy to align the site and make it comfortable steps.


Option more stylish and luxurious. And although the exact translation from Italian says that it is” a house without a roof”, no one prevents you to upgrade it to your taste. For example, set in the corner of the canopy or pergola, which quickly “issue” vine, ivy or shoots of climbing roses. Now beauty, as well as protection from the scorching sun, is provided to you!

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

How to create on a site so desired object?

1. First, let’s define the place. Best suited flat area from 4 to 9 square meters. m, open to sunlight and located next to the house. For its paving it is possible to use paving slabs, plastic modules, natural stone, ThermoWood or brick.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

The area under the patio should be perfectly flat, but with a slight slope, preferably along the shorter side, so that the water can freely leave in the rain.

2. Materials for the patio to choose based on their color, and it’s not in the tastes of the owners, and the desired rate of heating objects. The dark tones finish heats up faster and the light floor will be cool all morning.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

You can arrange a patio at your discretion, for example, placing around the perimeter of the flowerpots and tubs with small trees. The main thing-do not forget about its true purpose: to create an atmosphere of security and give a sense of comfort and bliss.

In General, this intermediate zone between the garden and the house, created specifically for recreation, solves two very important tasks: on the one hand, expands the territory of the house and visually expands the living space, and on the other — connects the house and the garden into a single ensemble.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

Important: do not equip the patio near the tall trees or the shadow wall of the house.

A practical solution is to combine a patio and a gazebo in one composition, for example, arrange them in such a way that you can leave the house, pass the patio and immediately find yourself under the roof of the gazebo. In this case, the patio will not have to be divided into shadow and Sunny side, arrange a canopy, and you will have a place to hide from both the midday heat and the sudden rain.

In a cozy shadow

Pergola, twined with a vine, gives a nice mesh shade and can even protect from light rain. The same properties have the crowns of trees. Relax under them beneficial for health: highlights volatile needles, leaves, and flowers, aromatics, subtle fragrance exudes even bark. Is it any wonder that the atmosphere that reigns under the shadow of a tree, full of romance and a special sense of closeness to nature.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area


A gazebo is a structure more comfortable. If possible, place it in a place that offers a beautiful view of the entire site or its surroundings. Inside you can put a stationary benches and a table or any garden furniture that will suit the style and parameters. The design itself may also be different originality.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

  • Open gazebos can have a lattice roof, entwined with green “climbers”, or become the completion of the arch and trellis.
  • Closed often combined with a barbecue or a garden oven, but it will not be the option of a romantic corner, where they read poetry or in the light of dim lanterns assign a date to your favorite women.

If you sheathe the walls inside a cellular polycarbonate bright color, even in cloudy weather in your gazebo will be light as on a clear day, because the material miraculously multiplies the scant sunlight. And the rain through this “protection” will not break.

No less interesting solution — transparent roof, which can be used to create the same polycarbonate. Best of all, the sun’s rays will pass transparent sheets, and the feeling of warmth will give yellow or orange shades.

Tip: do not put the gazebo close to the trees or garden buildings. The distance should be sufficient to carry out painting, repair and reconstruction.

Modern approach

A gazebo is not necessarily a polygon with a pointed roof. Here is a kind of option in the style of high-tech-a multifunctional place to relax, which combines a kitchen with barbecue, dining area, a summer cinema and even a mini-theater.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

The design is maximally open to sunlight, but if necessary, it can be quickly shaded by falling curtains. The space of the gazebo is opened inside the site and as if enters into a dialogue with the surrounding nature, combining garden and home interior.

Terrace with glass walls-the decision is unexpected, but quite spectacular. But the furniture here should be as concise as the design itself.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

Wooden arbor must be treated with special solutions against pests, paints, varnishes or linseed oil, which will protect the material from various mechanical deformations and premature aging.

More elegant and at the same time expensive option — the use of ThermoWood, which is not afraid of the vagaries of the weather, looks great and is not included in the “diet” of beetles.

If the window frames are removable, you get a gazebo-transformer: in summer it resembles a colonnade, and in the cooler months of the year — a light garden pavilion. In this case, the grill, grill, and even more so the barbecue oven installed inside this small room, will serve not only to cook the roast on hot coals, but also for heating.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

Important: in the garden gazebo will be useful lighting, electrical outlet for kettle, blender, toaster, as well as a tap with drinking water. The floor can be “warm” (wooden) or “cold” (stone).

Tip: to make a classic multi-faceted or round gazebo look original and unique, it is enough to slightly change the angle of its roof or use a special roofing material.

Garden rooms

Garden rooms are able to visually increase even a small area of 6 acres. Don’t believe? Try to divide the territory of the country Kingdom into several closed corners and see for yourself their magical effects. The walls of these “rooms” are pergolas, arches and trellises, part of the green room can be fenced screen, curtain or glazed frame. Wooden walls, openwork grids and partitions serve as an excellent support for climbing plants, flower compositions. This amazing design can give you two completely different feelings at the same time: a closed space and unity with nature.

You can arrange anything here: summer kitchen and dining room, veranda and living room, children’s and master’s office. Accordingly, it is necessary to conduct water and electricity on the site to connect lamps, insect repeller, street heater, even a laptop and a TV, other electrical appliances. Of course, many of them in the fresh air for a long time can not be left. But remember that the furniture placed in the green walls should not be afraid of water.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

Green “construction” does not require ingenious equipment and special technologies. You will only need time and a clear plan of planting crops selected for this purpose. The easiest way to grow from young trees trellis-planting, which as a result of splicing, bending, pruning turn into a solid living wood lattice, covered with foliage.

Build and decorate

Places of rest spread throughout the site to every corner of his seething life. But do not equip the relaxation area or the wall of the house or the fence, especially if it is deaf and high.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

It is better to rest among flowers and greenery.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

Next to the place of rest place fragrant flower beds, mini-ponds and fountains or Alpine slides.

The Territory of Bliss: We Equip the Recreation Area

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