The Unique Southern Charm of Marjoram

How beautifully fragrant on a hot summer day oregano marjoram, giving a unique charm. Its warm, spicy aroma helps you relax after a busy day, while simultaneously filling you with new energy. The camphor notes present in the spicy smell of marjoram suddenly disappear, giving way to a delicate and sweet aroma. But not only because of the fragrance, I love marjoram: during the entire growing season, it creates silver-green scales, and during flowering it forms white and pink spots on the flower beds.

The Unique Southern Charm of Marjoram

This perennial shrub is native to Southwest Asia, North Africa; it is cultivated as an annual herbaceous plant. It owes its beautiful shade to the dense silver-gray pubescence. The erect, branched stem, lignified at the base, reaches a height of 20-60 cm (0.6-2 feet).

Marjoram leaves are small, elliptical or spade-shaped with numerous glands. The flowers are small, white, pale purple or pink, in elongated spikelets arranged 3-5 at the top of the main stem or side branches. They bloom in June and July. Marjoram fruits are very effective – nuts that ripen in August-September.

The Unique Southern Charm of Marjoram

Marjoram is well planted on a spicy bed, flower bed, in a mixborder as an accompanying or filling element, in a border with cut greens, which is planted before flowering at a height of 5-6 cm (2-2. 4 inches) from the surface of the soil 2-3 times per season.

Between the plants when planting, leave 15-20 cm (5.9-7.9 inches), between the rows — 30-40 cm (1-1.3 feet); it is better to plant 2-3 plants in one place. Light, fertile, well-drained, neutral soils are preferred. In the country, it is enough to have a few marjoram bushes, which will provide the family with an excellent spice and medicine for the whole year. Progenitors can be all plants, except representatives of the family lamiaceae.

Marjoram is not only an ornamental, but also a cultivated spicy, medicinal plant. The food is fresh or dry grass with a pleasant, strong, slightly camphor smell, mixed with tones of pine and chamomile, and a slightly pungent taste (used as a seasoning in cooking, for canning, cooking soups, salads, sauces, fruit juices, liqueurs).

For medicinal purposes, the herb is used, which has a calming, antispasmodic, choleretic, diuretic, carminative, stimulating the work of the stomach and intestines, stimulating appetite, regulating the menstrual cycle. Marjoram helps to get rid of various pains, it can be used as a sedative that will promote deep and restful sleep.

To forget about insomnia, massage your feet with the following mixture: 2 drops of marjoram oil + 2 drops of lavender oil + 10 ml of grape seed oil. To relieve nervous tension, massage your temples with the following mixture: 4 drops of marjoram oil + 2 drops of mint oil + 2 drops of lavender oil + 10 ml of sweet almond oil. However, marjoram is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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