Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

So, trellis-a lattice structure, which serves as a vertical support for various plants: grapes and clematis, roses and others… in Addition to practical functions, made in unusual decorative forms of trellis itself will be a great stylish garden decoration, which can be made of wood, metal and even plastic — you decide.

Trellis as an element of garden decor became popular a few centuries ago. Along with all sorts of small architectural forms, trellis served, and serves today, the original garden decoration.

The first tapestries began to appear in parks and gardens in France, England and Italy in the XVII century.

Today, the trellis is also an integral part of the design of the garden area, effectively used in vertical gardening — any climbing plant looks brighter on it, and, importantly, feels better, and therefore looks healthier and more beautiful.

In addition, it is with the help of trellis can successfully hide various unsightly places in the garden — the old fence, or, for example, curves, ugly walls of outbuildings.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

And with the help of a horizontally installed trellis can build a beautiful roof in the gazebo.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

From several interconnected trellis can get a beautiful gazebo, as, for example, in the photo below.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

Also, properly installed trellis will help you hide from prying eyes in the shade of beautiful climbing plants. To do this, simply protect the place of your holiday on three sides with tapestries and plant fast — growing climbing plants, for example, wild grapes, Highlander, decorative beans-dolichos or morning glory.

Anyway, any garden in which there are trellis, will look more voluminous and interesting.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

To sum up: why do we need a trellis?

Of course, despite the beautiful aesthetic appearance, trellis, first of all, performs practical functions: it supports shoots of grapes and raspberries, it serves as an excellent support for climbing plants, without which the beauty of the garden will be incomplete, incomplete.

From what it is possible to make a trellis, and what form it can have?

It is possible to make a trellis from plastic, a wire, metal. But they often do trellis of slim — about 1.5 inches wide — wooden reechek or bars. Only before proceeding to the manufacture of trellis, note: the greater the mass of foliage of plants that will be attached to the trellis, the more rigid should be its frame — frame.

Form trellis can be different and depends on your desire, the availability of materials and, of course, the ability to implement the plan. Choosing the form of trellis, remember: its strength and stability, primarily depend on the size of the cells. So, the larger the size of the cells, the more flimsy will be the design, and Vice versa — smaller cells will give the structure of the trellis greater strength. The optimal size of the considered cells within 10 cm And connect the elements together by using small nails or screws, which gives the opportunity to stretch the trellis in a diamond shape.

In addition to the correct choice of cell size, it is extremely important to maintain their same size on the entire plane of the trellis. But do not think, no one limits your imagination — trellis can combine both large and smaller cells, forming an intricate pattern; the main thing — do not abuse it. If desired, you can combine the cells on the trellis, simply inserting into larger cells smaller, thereby enhancing the decorative effect.

Now I will say a few words about the forms of tapestries. Structures made of wood can have a square, triangular and rectangular shape. Somewhat more diverse in form are metal, wire and plastic garden trellises.

How to install the trellis?

If you intend to install the trellis as a standalone structure, for example, in the middle of the flower bed, it is necessary to give rigidity. This task can easily handle support post.

Just fine in the role of the support column will act rod of reinforcement with a thickness of about 1 cm, stuck on 50 cm in the ground. You can also use an ordinary wooden bar, the bottom of which must be treated with resin, but will stand a post is not very long.

Remember that, when installing a stand-alone trellis, it is necessary to take into account the wind loads to which it will be subjected in certain weather conditions: gusty rain, strong wind and so on. That is why it is extremely important to securely fasten the trellis on the support.

It is possible to give necessary rigidity to a construction and by means of a frame — a strong wooden or metal framework. Naturally, if you intend to fix the trellis on a pole or near the wall of some construction, then there is no need to install the frame, except that according to your design idea it will play the role of a decorative element, this is also possible, such as in this photo.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

Produce a frame, as and the very trellis, can be different ways and from various materials. But perhaps the simplest frame can be built of wooden bars, a slightly larger cross-section than required for the manufacture of the trellis-about 25-30 mm. of these bars mounted frame, most often in the form of a rectangle or square, and the lattice — trellis is going directly on it. That the lattice kept better, on a frame it is possible to make grooves in which thin laths trellis by means of pins will be fixed as reliably as possible.

If you want to put a few trellis with a large length, for example, along the flowerbed, track or Playground, you need to install them in the form of a fence. Making a frame for such a bulky design, it is better to use bars of different sections. So, for struts you need to take the bars sufficiently large cross-section of approximately 3 x 4 cm But longitudinal connections can be made of thinner straps — cross-section of about 1 x 2 cm.

Trellis-Stylish Garden Decoration

Being one of the varieties of small architectural forms, garden trellis will be a stylish decoration of your garden and turn it into a real fairy tale. You just need to install a trellis in the garden and plant any climbing plant near it, directing its stems upwards. And then nature will do everything itself-the plants will cover the trellis, thereby creating a unique picture, a real miracle of landscape design. Believe in a fairy tale, and it will come into your life for sure!

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