Veronica Chamaedrys is a Wonderful Plant in the Garden

Surely these small flowers of piercing blue color are familiar to many: Veronica chamedris is a very common plant that is found on forest edges, meadows, grows in roadside dust, and in the grass under trees and bushes.

Varieties of Veronica have long settled in the gardens and each with its own “zest”. But you can rarely meet Veronica Hamedris in the flower garden. Meanwhile, its extensive elegant flowers are very practical: covering the soil with its fast-growing shoots, Veronica does not allow weeds to occupy the territory. It is appropriate in natural-style flower beds, in borders along garden paths, under garden bushes and trees. This plant is undersized (usually 15-20 centimeters (5.9-7.9 inches), rarely more), especially well combined with various decorative and deciduous crops. And you can also use Veronica for a natural lawn: it is quite resistant to trampling.

Veronica Chamaedrys is a Wonderful Plant in the Garden

Veronica chamedris prefers neutral or slightly acidic soil. It is considered one of the indicators of acidity: if a lot of veronica is found in the wild on your site, this may indicate that the level of soil acidity is increased, which means that when preparing beds for vegetables, you need to add ash or lime in the fall.
And Veronica flowers are able to predict the weather: on a sunny day, they completely clear up, and in bad weather, they close by folding the petals.

Veronica Chamaedrys is a Wonderful Plant in the Garden
The medicinal properties of the herb Veronica chamedris are also known. Collect the grass at the time of its flowering, dry it and prepare decoctions and infusions. Preparations in folk medicine are used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, as a choleretic and diuretic, and externally for the healing of wounds, ulcers, burns.

Veronica Chamaedrys is a Wonderful Plant in the Garden

Transplanting veronica is not difficult: the root system is shallow, superficial, and the plant easily takes root. In any case, I did not have to face difficulties in this matter. And every summer I admire her flowers and in her garden I try to save as much as possible, so that the elegant blue flowers will please the eye longer.

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