Prepare Tarragon for Pickling Cucumbers

In order for the cucumbers to crunch, be sure to put a few pieces of artemisia dracunculus in the jar!

When growing artemisia dracunculus, it should be borne in mind that in the first year of life it is a fairly tall, loose, often lying plant, which with age turns into a large, spreading bush.

To provide a family with spicy greens, it is enough to have 1-2 plants on a spicy bed, which are cut from the second year of life 3-4 times during the growing season at a height of 10-15 cm (3.9-5.9 inches) from the ground level. It can grow in one place for up to 10-15 years. The distance between the plants is 40-70 cm (1.3-2.3 ft). It prefers fertile, clayey, rather moist, but not too moist soils.

Prepare Tarragon for Pickling Cucumbers

In food, young shoots of the tips of a pleasantly aromatic and flavorful range are used (seasonings for salads, sauces, soups, okroshka, meat, fish, vegetable dishes, when marinating and marinating various vegetables).

For medicinal purposes, the herb is used, which has an anthelmintic, antifungal, diuretic, secretolytic, capillary strengthening, improving sleep and appetite, normalizing the work of the endocrine glands, used in the treatment of dropsy, obesity, toothache, etc.

If you have a dry area, then plant two more sagebrush: artemisia taurica 15-40 cm (5.9-15.7 inches) tall, artemisia balchanorum up to 80 cm (2.6 feet) tall.

Artemisia taurica

Prepare Tarragon for Pickling Cucumbers

Artemisia balchanorum

Prepare Tarragon for Pickling Cucumbers

It is enough to have 1-2 plants and plant them on a spicy bed, in a rockery, where they will support the silvery scales, harmoniously fitting into the stone landscape. The distance between the plants should be 40-60 cm (1.3-2 feet). Both of them prefer dry soils, they are undemanding to fertility.

Dry sprigs of artemisia balchanorum are good to put in the wardrobe for scenting clothes. Many people like artemisia balchanorum oil, which is used for headaches. To aromatize the air in the apartment with the elimination of the unpleasant smell of a pet, branches of Tauric wormwood are used. The aroma of the oil of this plant relieves irritability, improves sleep.

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