What Cucumbers Need In July

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In the middle of summer, it is important to help cucumbers maintain their functionality as long as possible so that we can harvest our own delicious cucumbers until the coldest. At this time, when there is an increase in green mass and active ovary formation, cucumbers require increased attention. What do they need at this time?

Protection from cold nights

Despite July, sharp temperature fluctuations are not uncommon in many regions. Often at night it drops quite low, which causes tender, heat-loving cucumber plants to suffer. Therefore, if you see a cold snap in the forecast, then untie and lower the lashes from the trellis down and cover them with a thin covering material. This way you will reduce the stress from the cold snap, and the plants will not slow down in development, drop ovaries, etc., that is, the return of cucumbers will not decrease.

Uniform and planned watering

Stability in terms of watering is very important for cucumbers, especially at the top of summer. You can’t pour cucumbers once a week and leave them like this until the next weekend. This crop needs a regular supply of water, only then it will show its yield and high quality of fruits. If you are a weekend cottager, then organize a good mulching. Mulch, tightly covering the bare ground, will help to retain moisture, so that cucumbers need it as little as possible and could wait for your arrival.

What Cucumbers Need In July

Protection from pests and diseases

At the peak of the season, cucumbers are quite vulnerable to pests and diseases that do not sleep and become active just at this time. The best option is to prevent trouble. To do this, there are various means to help the cottager. Of course, it is preferable to use biologics, the waiting period of which is 1-2 days, but in severe cases sometimes it is necessary to use “heavy artillery”. Let’s look at what you can buy in gardening stores, and how to use it.


A tank mixture of available biological products works perfectly against diseases and pests. Take 2 tablets of biological fungicide and bactericide and dilute them in 1 liter of water. Add 1 ml of insecticide, pest control agents to the same place. If cold nights have been or are predicted, then a regulator and a broad-spectrum adaptogen should be added to this mixture. Spray cucumbers with this mixture once every 10 days.

Another good drug for diseases is a microbiological drug designed to protect garden, garden, indoor and greenhouse plants. It can be used both for spraying and for watering under the root. To breed — according to the instructions. This drug works reliably against pests. The innovative complex of silver and copper nanoparticles can be used for the prevention of fungal diseases, and frequent treatments are not required.

Chemical preparations

If you had to face a massive invasion of pests or pathogens, then you will have to turn to chemical preparations. An effective systemic insecticide that can defeat all kinds of parasites. From diseases, copper-containing products should be chosen first of all.

What Cucumbers Need In July

Top dressing

Good nutrition is extremely important for a grown plant. If there is a shortage of useful elements, then the cucumber will first of all react to this by dropping the ovaries. Nitrogen and a full set of trace elements must be present in the composition of top dressing. On sale you can find a lot of complex fertilizers, for example. Microelements and humates should be added to them. Organic infusions — manure and droppings – work well on cucumbers. You can also feed it with green fertilizer from fermented grass.

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