What’s the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber

It’s no secret that the condition for a stable and high yield of a crop is the right choice of variety (hybrid) and cultivation technology. The same goes for the cucumber. In the selection of cucumber, breeders pay special attention to yield, resistance to major diseases, attractive appearance of greens (color and size), taste fresh and canned.

Hybrids for greenhouses

If You grow cucumbers in the greenhouse, we recommend you to pay attention to parthenocarpic (self-pollinating) hybrids, do not require pollinators, such as F1 Bastion, fast and furious F1, Crew, F1. Due to the fact that they are genetically resistant to the main diseases of cucumber, the period of their fruiting increases and the multiplicity of chemical treatment decreases.

The early-ripening Bastion F1 hybrid of female flowering type is characterized by a powerful root system that adapts perfectly to different soils and substrates. Plants indeterminate type, powerful, in the node form up to 6 greens, which do not die, despite the stressful conditions during the growing season. Fruits are 12-14 cm long, weighing 130 g, dark green color with large bumps and white
pubescence, not bitter and not yellow. The fruits of the hybrid Bastion F1 are ideal for preparing salads, have a delicate skin, juicy and fragrant flesh.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Early hybrid Bastion F1

Early maturing parthenocarpic hybrid Forsage F1 female flowering type features and the fact that its root system has a high suction power even on soils with high salt content. The nodes are formed by 2-3 ovaries. The greens are cylindrical in shape 10-12 cm long, dark green in color with white pubescence, do not grow for a long time. Regardless of the conditions of cultivation and nutrition, they always retain their attractive appearance. Greens are well transported, have high taste in fresh and canned form.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Early maturing hybrid Forsage F1

Hybrid Crew F1 is stable and long fruiting under all conditions. Fruits length 11-13 cm, dark green in color. In the node formed 1-2 silence. Plants do not require constant formation, because the lateral shoots are predominantly of limited type of growth.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Hybrid Crew F1-stable and long fruiting

During the growing season, sick, yellowed leaves in the lower tier, shading the leaves in the upper tier and offspring should be removed.

Hybrids for open ground

Cucumber grows well in the open ground. In turn, varieties and hybrids for cultivation in the open ground must meet the following requirements: to be early maturing and early maturing, to be characterized by increased cold resistance, heat resistance, resistance to powdery mildew and peronosporosis, to have high regeneration ability. For outdoor cultivation is suitable hybrids Atos F1, F1 Dragoons, Christine F1 Carolina F1, F1 Porthos.

Ultra early maturing hybrids of Athos F1 and F1 Dragoon guarantee a high yield. Their attractive fragrant gherkins are suitable not only for fresh consumption, but also for pickling and marinating.

Hybrid Athos F1 female flowering type in the node forms from 5 to 7 greens length 6-9 cm, dark green color, with white pubescence.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Ultra early-ripening hybrid Athos F1 guarantees a high yield

Hybrid Dragoons F1 with limited growth of side shoots forming in the nodes 2-3 silence, length of 10-12 cm gherkins with a dense and solid structure of the pulp with a small seed chamber, without bitterness and emptiness, with a delicate and thin skin that turns yellow.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Hybrid Dragoon F1

Get a consistently high yield even in adverse growing conditions is possible with hybrids Porthos F1, Christina F1, Carolina F1.

In the hybrid Porthos F1 in the nodes are formed by 3-4 dark green fruit with large tubercles and light brown pubescence, 10-12 cm long, which retain their attractive appearance, the fruits are suitable for marinating.

Early maturing hybrid Christina F1 female flowering type, which consist of 2-3 pieces in the node. Hybrid with excellent taste in fresh and pickled form, has a high resistance to the virus of cucumber mosaic.

Carolina F1 will delight with its cucumbers with excellent taste without bitterness, which are formed in the node of 2-3 pieces and are especially good to taste when marinating. Hybrid has not only high yield, but also resistance to major diseases of cucumber.

What's the Secret to the Yield of Cucumber
Hybrid Carolina F1-excellent taste of cucumbers without bitterness

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