Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

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A household unit on a suburban plot often appears much earlier than a house. And the main question that occupies those who are thinking about this building is what is more affordable: to build it yourself or to buy it? What materials should I choose to make it cheap and reliable? We have answered this question for ourselves, our household unit is already standing. But the path to making a decision was not easy, so I will share my observations.

What kind of household unit can I buy

To begin with, let’s calculate what it will cost to buy a ready-made household unit. There is no need to go far, we study several sites and get the result. To begin with, let’s learn that the prices indicated there are just an excuse to interest you. Be sure to read what exactly is included in the specified amount and how much more you will have to spend.


For the purity of the comparison, we will focus on buildings with an area of approximately 12 m2. We choose the simplest frame household unit from one room, one window and a door without insulation and interior cladding. The cost is quite low, however, it is only a product in disassembled condition. To deliver the constructor to the site, you will have to pay. The cost of delivery varies depending on the distance, and also the assembly.

It’s too early to count the final cost. It is impossible to install a household unit on the ground. This requires blocks. They can be purchased together with the building. For the sizes we have chosen, 6 pieces are needed. But! It is not recommended to rest the blocks on the ground, since over time they will begin to sink unevenly, which will lead to a distortion of the structure. So, in order to increase the support area, large-format paving slabs should be laid under them. And if we want the tiles and blocks to be installed and set according to the level, plus for each fulcrum. It is clear that antiseptic treatment, painting and other additional services will further increase the cost of the household unit, but let’s stop there.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

What to save on? You can assemble the building yourself and buy blocks for the foundation at the nearest construction store. And why not bury the tile yourself, the benefit of the pit is not required for it!

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

Made of mini-timber

If you want something particularly aesthetically expressive, you can pay attention to a mini-timber utility block. The amount includes only a set of prepared bars and pediments. You also need a house kit with a roof, a door, a window and steps. Note: the foundation and floor are not included in the price, which means that you will have to add a little more to the total cost, or even more, depending on the type of foundation and floor. Antiseptic treatment and other work are paid separately.

What to save on? Here you need to study very well what exactly is included in the price. Some companies indicate the price tag only for the mini-bar itself, without taking into account either lags or strapping. As a result, the attractive price is inflated to unexpected sizes. The house kit can be assembled independently, however, if you are given detailed instructions for assembly.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?


Delivery of a metal shed with an area of about 12 m2 is much cheaper, probably because the constructor does not take up much space and weighs a little, only 115 kg. For the basis for a household unit, you can use a paving slab platform or a timber binding. In the first case, we will get a smooth tiled floor. Or an earthen floor. Another build.

What can you save on? Perhaps only on the assembly.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

Another variant of a metal household unit is a 20—foot sea container. It is convenient that it already has everything — walls, roof, floor, wide doors. But do not forget that you will have to pay a lot for delivery, since the cargo is dimensional and requires a manipulator. It is impossible to put it on the ground, so no one has canceled the costs of the foundation foundation either.


This option is something from the category of exotic for the layman. Such a household unit looks very unreliable, but it is impressive. But for comparison, I also studied this sentence. For the construction of an area of about 12 m2 will have to pay much more. Plus the base — it can be a frame made of timber, a boardwalk or paving slabs. Delivery depends on the company’s policy and the remoteness of the cottage. If desired, you can find free shipping. Of course, we keep in mind that everything is included in the price. And, of course, turnkey assembly.

What to save on? The design can be assembled independently.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

To compare what is more profitable, buy a ready-made household unit or be puzzled and build it yourself, you can make calculations for each of the above options. But I have a ready-made answer with a visual illustration.

It’s cheaper to build on your own! Let’s count

We needed not just a household unit, but a reliable room in which we could occasionally work in winter. An amateur workshop, you might say. But at the same time I didn’t want to spend too much money. I think this desire is understandable to many.

We considered for a long time, chose a place and came to the conclusion that it was necessary not to build a separate utility block, but to attach it to the old garage. Plus, you will have to spend money on three walls, not four.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

Since there is a garage nearby and a house in the immediate vicinity, it was decided that it was better to abandon wooden buildings. In addition, when calculating, it was found that the cost difference between a stone and a frame structure made of OSB will be small. Of course, if you put a bare frame, then you will be able to benefit, but in such a shed in winter you will not last long. And the insulation plus the inner lining significantly add to the price. As a result, foam blocks were chosen for construction.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

We managed to save money on the front door. The entrance to the utility block is through the garage. We got the brick for free, we had to pay only for delivery. All the work, except for the masonry walls, was done independently.

As a result, we really got what we wanted. Of course, if you are building a free-standing household unit, the amount may be slightly more. But still it cannot be compared with the price of ready-made options, where you will have to pay as much for a thin frame structure as for a solid stone utility block.

Which Is More Profitable: To Buy Or Build a Household Unit?

The only benefit from purchasing a ready—made home kit is the absence of labor costs on your part. In a couple of days and without effort, you will get a ready-made household unit. Well, what is more valuable in a particular situation is up to you.

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