Winter And Spring Garlic: Planting, Care, Storage

As you know, garlic is winter, which is planted in the winter, and sometimes spring, which is planted in the spring. Each of these species has its own advantages and disadvantages, so, as a rule, both are grown on the site.


The peculiarity of winter garlic is that the flower arrow is laid in it, it blooms, but in the Northern regions the seeds often do not ripen. The head has 1 row, usually consisting of 4-6 large teeth. At the end of the flower arrow closer to August, small bulbs are formed, which are used for reproduction along with denticles.


The difference of spring garlic from winter that spring is not giving direction, not flowering and gives seeds. It reproduces exclusively vegetatively, that is, by denticles. Spring has usually 2 rows of small teeth. This type of garlic has one important advantage over winter-it is well stored in the winter in the apartment.

Winter And Spring Garlic: Planting, Care, Storage

The usual planting of spring garlic is no different from planting winter garlic, only the cloves are planted early in the spring, as soon as the soil is ripe for planting. Do not plant in waterlogged soil: planting material can rot in wet and cold ground. So there is no need to hurry, although it can be planted at the end of April.

Despite the generally accepted recommendations, in the North-Western region, you can plant it just in the fall, in early October, at a time when everyone is planting winter garlic and tulips. Even if the frosts have passed, there is nothing wrong. Just pour hot water on the frozen soil and make a landing, if only the peg got into the soil. But the depth of planting of spring garlic is smaller than that of winter garlic: about 7-8 cm. The layout is 10×10 cm. That’s the difference.

Winter And Spring Garlic: Planting, Care, Storage

You can plant spring garlic right this fall. With this planting, both types of garlic have time to ripen a month earlier than usual. As soon as the lower leaves start to turn yellow, pick up a pitchfork and dig out the crop.

Care and storage

Care for spring garlic is the same as for winter garlic. Pests and diseases they have in common with onions. Spring garlic is usually dug later than winter garlic-closer to autumn. But do not leave it in the soil for too long, because the head may crumble into separate teeth in the soil. However, this can also happen with winter garlic.

Winter And Spring Garlic: Planting, Care, Storage

Spring garlic is stored directly on the top kitchen shelf or on the Cabinet. You can pour the prepared heads into rag bags and hang them in the kitchen or put them in paper bags (not plastic!) and keep them open on the inside of the refrigerator door.

Growing garlic can be recommended to all gardeners. It takes a little effort to do this, but you will provide your family with an environmentally friendly product that is delicious and incredibly useful.

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