5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

Children are looking forward to the summer — when finally adults will be engaged in real things, and the phrase “do not run”, “do not get dirty”, “do not make noise” will sound much less. And what to do with children in the country to combine business with pleasure?

1. Tempering of the game

It is not necessary to learn different techniques, stock up on thermometers and stopwatch — everything you need in the country already have.

Starts tempering with air baths. First, let the body enjoy the aromas-greens, flowers, mowed grass… Help your child feel the breath of nature.

5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

Making sure that the conditions are comfortable for the baby, you can bare the handle-legs, and then completely change into a standard Wellness set of clothes for the cottage — “panties-shirt”. Let each cell of your skin breathes.

Sunbathing is also useful for the child’s body. Only need to take into account that the child’s skin is softer, and the effect of ultraviolet radiation on it is much stronger. This does not mean that the whole day the baby should be in the shade — only in the hot afternoon you need to shade the Playground.

Water procedures are an integral part of country games. You can just give the children the capacity of different shapes and sizes and offer games with transfusion, or under the guise of games to attract children to help in the garden, or connect to the fun of Pets.

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5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

A well-equipped Playground will help to combine entertainment with tempering.

2. Sports game

All running-jumping and noisy-screaming games help to get rid of stagnant energy, activate the body’s defenses.

5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

Laughter, joy, fun in themselves carry health. A ball games, bike racing, popular recently quests are very compatible with tempering procedures.

3. «Dirty game

Never tell your child in the country: “do not get dirty.” On the contrary, choose the appropriate age games with sand, clay, plaster, paint. It is useful for the development of fine motor skills, vision, coordination of movements, development of imagination.

5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

To understand the importance of these games, you need to put yourself in the place of the child, look at the world through his eyes. Where, if not in the country, children can apply their talents in the construction of castles, creating sculptures and paintings?

For such fun is to take a certain place-a sandbox, a children’s gazebo, just a bench and a basin of water. You can participate-show how to mix paints or how to sculpt figures from clay. Further let child creates on their own.

4. Vitamin games

Forget about the fact that “food is not to play” and allow the child to show imagination. How do you like fruit chess? Or designer from pieces of vegetables? And if the baby has a desire-let him cook on his own. It does not matter that in one dish can be and strawberries, and cucumber, and calendula flowers. Children are also happy to experiment with ingredients.

5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

5. Soothing games to restore the nervous system

Do not think that stress is only in adults. The child’s body needs time to get rid of the negative, and this will help a great walk in the suburban area, the collection of natural materials for crafts (twigs, bark, moss, cones, acorns) or forest gifts (berries, mushrooms, flowers, herbs). Especially favorable are such “quiet” classes for hyperactive children.

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5 Types of Useful Games for Children in the Country

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of children and characters. Children quickly switch from one activity to another, so you better stock up on the entire Arsenal at once. Have a ready plan, and depending on the weather and mood change the game and their conditions — then the holidays will be remembered for a long time.

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