Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

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In a scientific point massage is called acupressure. It is based on the knowledge of ancient Chinese physicians about the connection of individual points on the human body with certain organs or organ systems. To master acupressure, unlike acupuncture, is not so difficult. This massage does not require deep medical knowledge, special training of the patient, drugs or equipment. And it is quite possible to do yourself.

The first mention of the use of massage as a medical procedure is found in the Chinese manuscript in 2698 BC in Europe, this knowledge came relatively recently – in the XX century. It was at this time that experts became interested in Eastern practices and began to actively use acupressure as one of the methods of healing the body.

Power of action

Through the body of man consists of 14 meridians – channels that connect the individual organs or an entire body region. There are five types of points attached to each Meridian. In total, about 700 points on the human body are described in Chinese treatises, but about 150 are used in practice.

On point can have different effects — soothing, or, conversely, exciting. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. For example, the pressure of the index finger tones, and the thumb calms.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

The degree of pressure on the point can also be different: weak (light rotational motion), medium or strong. The principal point to consider is that stronger does not always mean better. Therefore, the pressing force always requires a very precise control to achieve a positive effect. As a rule, intensive impact is required to study the points on the shoulders and back. In other cases, it is better to act more delicately.

You should also pay attention to the time of impact on one point. It should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Increasing the time can have the opposite effect-your condition will only get worse.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

When not to do massage

Have acupressure is contraindicated. In the presence of any tumors, deep lesions of the internal organs, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, blood diseases, tuberculosis and high temperature, self-massage can not be in any case. Moreover, even experienced professionals before the massage usually ask the patient in detail about the health, so as not to harm him.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

Body map

But where to look for biologically active points? Many of them are symmetrical and are based in close proximity to the organs to which they are attached. For example, the points associated with the lungs are located on the chest, with the liver or stomach – on the lower row of ribs and on the abdomen. In search of points will help you navigate special maps that are freely available on the Internet. And it is believed that the desired point can be found in a soft circular motion. In the place where you feel a slight numbness or tingling, and will be located point. With constant practice the sensitivity of the hands will increase and the search for them will become easier.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

Principle of operation

Why acupressure is considered to be so effective? In the process of exposure to a specific point increases blood flow. This means that metabolic processes are activated, the organs receive more oxygen. In addition, depending on the intensity of the pressure massage can have a soothing or tonic effect. And intensive pressing, as a rule, calm, and weak-increases tone.

Points that every woman should know

Acupressure has a wide range of actions. It can be used for various pains, disorders of internal organs, allergies, and even depression and insomnia. For example, to sleep was easy, strongly press on the point, which is located between the eyebrows, an inch above the bridge of the nose.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

For headaches, try to find two symmetrical points in the upper part of the neck, at the base of the skull. It is most convenient to start with light circular movements with your thumbs. This will help to normalize blood circulation, provide oxygen to the brain. The migraine will be gone in 10 minutes.

Acupressure is a good help for any woman. Proved that right clicking on the desired points relieves the pain (of childbirth, of menstruation). To do this, you need to stimulate a point in the hollow between the base of the thumb and the index. At strong pressing pain better tolerated.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

Also, acupressure is used to relieve symptoms of menopause. To do this, you should consistently work out several points. First, with light circular movements massage the point in the middle of the forehead right at the border of the beginning of hair growth. Then continue with three fingers on the points under the knee and over the ankle from the inside of the leg. Massage should be done consistently: first on one leg, then on the other, about 1 minute.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

Even such unpleasant symptoms of menopause as heat attacks, dizziness, tinnitus, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure can be smoothed with the help of simple techniques. To do this, you should consistently work out the temporal areas, a point in the center of the sternum, mastoid process and in the upper part of the neck. The pressure should be light, and the impact of short-term, but it should be repeated 10-15 days in a row, ideally combining with a full massage.

Faster cure cough can be, consistently worked three point. The first is one and a half to two fingers below the clavicle. The second-on a bend of an elbow joint. The third – at the base of the hand, in the place where the radial artery pulsates.

Place your index finger between your upper lip and nose and press hard. So you can get rid of dizziness.

It is not quite true to think that acupressure is limited to the impact of only one point. Usually, for greater efficiency, they develop whole complexes, with the help of which certain organs or groups of organs are worked out in one session. This is necessary to eliminate the immediate cause of certain diseases.

Acupressure for Women: Basic Principles and Contraindications

However, for the removal of unpleasant symptoms and discomfort can be limited to short-term exposure to specific points. However, do not forget that without solving the main problem, the symptoms will occur again and again.

Have you ever used acupressure?

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