How To Survive The New Year Holidays Without Health Problems

All around are the harbingers of the approaching miracle-the lights in the windows, the mountains of orange-ripe tangerines and persimmons, the aromas of spices that stretch out from behind the doors of coffee shops… In winter, such a dense concentration of holidays that one smoothly flows into another. Judge for yourself: we have two whole New Years at our disposal! But this automatically doubles the number of gifts and occasions to meet with friends. Bursting with an abundance of food, the festive table is a tribute to the wonderful traditions of hospitality. It is rare for anyone to go just for tea these days. Tea is accompanied by various more calorific dishes. And just try to refuse the treat: disrespecting the efforts of the hostess is a form of bad manners! And in truth, it is difficult to resist the temptation to taste the food…

How to get out of a series of holidays in good health?

1. Do not go to visit hungry!

The idea of not eating anything at all between “gluttony marathons” does not stand up to any criticism. Such eating behavior increases the risk of overeating. Going hungry to visit is not the most sensible idea. Eat during the day as usual, with five meals. Then, at the festive table, the idea of treating yourself to everything in a row will not visit you.

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2. Just a little bit at a time

Eat in small portions — the size of a palm. This is a proven dietary life hack, and the hostess will not be offended: you have tried everything, but a little.

How To Survive The New Year Holidays Without Health Problems

3. The “formula” of water

Of the drinks, give preference to plain water. Juices and fruit drinks, especially packaged ones, contain too many carbohydrates. The amount of water consumed is calculated using the formula 2:1 to alcohol (for one glass of wine, two glasses of water).

4. Easier, but better!

If possible, eat more simple foods — a piece of baked meat in the oven is always better than a mayonnaise salad. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits, the more the smell of tangerines charges a festive mood no worse than a piece of cake.

5. You still have time to deal with gastrointestinal problems

Preparing for the holidays is a constant time pressure. It seems that in the last weeks of December, we fit a whole “little life”. We buy gifts, choose outfits, have time to drop by a beauty salon, a grocery market… Figaro here, Figaro there! Stress and running around, coupled with food excesses, can provoke abdominal pain, and then, alas, in the New Year will not be up to treats…

Heartburn, bloating are also unpleasant things. Here it is and the dress will sit on the figure! If the experience of the last New Year suggests that your gastrointestinal tract will need help, contact a specialist in advance. In addition to the diet, diet regimen, and lifestyle adjustments, he may recommend drug therapy.

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