As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

Do I need a side-shoot removing tomatoes? So it depends where. Remove side shoots of tomatoes in our climate — forced measure. In their homeland tomatoes-perennial plants: the climate allows the Bush to build up a lot of greenery and ripen fruits, that is, to give offspring for several years. There is a side-shoot removing is not necessary at all: the more greenery and barrels, the richer the harvest.

Our climate is different, without seedlings to wait for ripe fruits in many regions is impossible. Raised, moved in the soil, and the tomatoes were waiting for it — began to custimise and to branch out at home. But to increase the vegetative mass it takes time to increase the mass of the fruit takes time… and the heat in our area has already gone, even the fruits of the first brush did not have time to ripen. That’s why gardeners limit the growth of the plant, do not allow it to develop freely.

Remove side shoots of standard tomatoes

There are varieties of tomatoes that grow many stems, equivalent in the number of fruits, in the strength of growth. And there are such varieties of tomatoes that grow only one stem, almost without giving Stepsons — standard. Bushes at them low, leaves large, powerful, internodes short. The lower leaves — that the legs are spruce, cover the soil under the plant. Stepsons are, but they begin to grow late, do not compete with the mother plant, nutrients are not taken away.

As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

The sellers usually say that a side-shoot removing these tomatoes is not necessary. It is not so. How to side-shoot removing such tomatoes?

I leave all the Stepsons that grow first, that is, from the sinuses of the lower leaves. They are powerful as a stem, and give a good increase in yield. And those that are formed above-remove at a size of no more than 4 cm, without waiting for them to stretch out noticeably. Then the Bush turns round, dense, fruit on it a lot. If the weather favors, it is possible to collect the bucket (and sometimes more).

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As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

This is ‘the Champ’, a hybrid, it’s a side-shoot removing is not required but the bottom of the brush with the fruits will have to open the wind and the sun, removing excess leaves.

Remove side shoots large-fruited tomatoes

Again-it all depends on the climate. I have to side-shoot removing very strongly, forming plants into one stem, preventing the outflow of nutrients into new stems. We have in early September already possible severe frosts, if you leave a few stems, the plants do not have time to grow large fruits, they just do not have enough heat and time. On each hive, leave three or four brushes, and remove the rest ruthlessly.

As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

Especially important time to break off the shoots that grow below the first brush — because they catch all the food and fruit do not correspond to the description. This applies to all Stepsons who begin to grow under the brushes, from the internode that precedes the brush. And the upper Stepsons and there is no need to leave, large fruits on them will not be. This is very clearly seen in the example of the variety ‘Bull’s heart’: the first brush with large fruits, and in each subsequent they become smaller and smaller until they turn into peas.

If you want to surprise your neighbors with the size of tomatoes, you need to leave only two fruits in the brush.

As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

Then they can grow up to be giants. It is almost a side-shoot removing the brush. For warmer southern edges can form a plant in two stems, which does not cancel the side-shoot removing.

Remove side shoots of supertomate

These are hybrids of tomatoes. Good because they are able to harvest in adverse weather conditions, but still resistant to Phytophthora. Form in three stems. Side-shoot removing severely have to leave the barrel and the top stepson. When formed brush, and the fruits are ready to ripen, it is necessary to remove the leaves that cover them from the sun and wind.

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Remove side shoots of tomatoes in the greenhouse

Even short-stoned tomatoes in the greenhouse turn into giants. My favorite in the ground barely grows to half a meter, growing fruit up to 100 g weight. And in the greenhouse for him the height of one meter is not the limit, and the fruits are larger. For this you need to translate the point of growth on a few of the top laterals and not to remove the growing vegetation. Of course, the upper fruits will be small, but not enough to consider them a trifle.

Greenhouse hybrid ‘Nugget’ need to side-shoot removing as usual, but form the plant into two stems.

Hybrid ‘knight’ should be formed into one stem, removing Stepsons in time, and transfer the point of growth to the stepson that will grow after the third brush.

As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

Modern varieties and hybrids of greenhouse tomatoes require an individual approach. You need to buy those seeds, which are written on the bags, how to form bushes, how to properly side-shoot removing tomatoes.

Transfer of the point of growth

Some varieties of tomatoes, having grown four brushes, stop growing: instead of a new leaf or an apical kidney, they form the last brush. If the weather and time allow, it is necessary to transfer the point of growth. On such plants (in one stalk) leave one stepson who grows under the top brush. This technique will allow you to additionally get two more brushes with fruits. Although tomatoes on the lower hands are late with maturation.

How to remove Stepsons

There are varieties where they are removed every week,and they only become more. Folk observation: you need to leave a stump, then at this place the new stepson will not grow, in the next week just the gardener will not please. And by the end of the season, when it seems all the excess is torn off, when the fruits are spiced, the stumps will dry up and fall off, and in their place the weak Stepsons begin to grow. From them nothing will, the fruits they’re very difficult to remove!

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As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

If the stepson just pull out, the damaged stems of plants. Together with the stepchild comes off a thin strip of skin, which can be quite long. The wound is heavy, overgrown with a cork layer for a long time. The plant is sick. Because you need not pull out, and break out the stepson, until it is fragile, when it does not exceed 4 cm in length.

Side-shoot removing technology: grasp with your index finger and thumb, deflect to the side: do not pull yourself — to the side! Then breaks off without damaging the stem. If the side shoots are too large, it increases the likelihood of damage to the Bush. You have to cut it with something sharp.

As a Side-Shoot Removing Tomato Correctly

Time of side-shoot removing

You can not make a schedule, the operation is carried out in favorable weather.

If it’s hot, you need to transfer the time side-shoot removing on the evening hours to a cool night plant had time to cope with stress. In the heat of tomato bushes surgery tolerate bad.

If it’s cold outside, damp is a good time. You can not only side-shoot removing, but also pinch, remove the leaves (both dry and healthy) to lighten the Bush. This helps the wind to walk in the landings, to carry out the excess moisture, it is better to warm up the plot.

We must remember: the shorter the summer, the fewer Stepsons leave, the more plants you will need on tomato beds!

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