Traditional Recipes With Onions for Beauty

Recently, we discussed the use of onions for the treatment of various diseases. But the healing properties of the benefits of this plant is not limited. Onions are also used for skin and hair care.

Onions against freckles

Actually, freckles are cute. But if you do not like them, a simple remedy using onion juice will help to lighten them. Take equally (for example, 1 tablespoon) fresh onion juice, honey and Apple cider vinegar (6%). Mix the ingredients well and wipe the skin with the mixture 5-6 times a day. Important! Before using the product, make sure that you are not allergic to honey.

Traditional Recipes With Onions for Beauty

You can do whitening mask from 0.5 cups of sour milk, 1 teaspoon of grated onion, 0.5 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of starch. Mix until a homogeneous mixture, apply to the skin with freckles, leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water. After applying the mask, apply a nourishing cream to the skin. Use 2-3 times a week.

Onions against acne

Here the recipe is quite simple: prepare the juice of onions and daily 2-3 times a day to wipe them problem areas of the skin. Repeat the procedure until getting rid of acne.

Onion against hair loss

If you notice that the hair began to fall out, use a recipe that will help stop this process.

Traditional Recipes With Onions for Beauty

Mix onion juice and cognac in equal parts. Separately prepare a decoction of burdock roots: 1.5 tsp crushed dry roots pour a glass of boiling water, cook for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath, strain. Add the broth to the onion-cognac mixture (for 1 part of the mixture — 6 parts of the broth), mix thoroughly. RUB the resulting product into the scalp, wrap your head with a towel and leave for 2 hours, then rinse your hair well using a soft shampoo. Repeat the procedure daily for a month.

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Onion juice will help stop the baldness. To do this, you need to mix in equal parts onion juice (preferably red varieties), lemon juice and honey; the resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp on problem areas. Leave the product for 1 hour, then wash your hair with a soft shampoo. Repeat daily for 15-30 days.

Onion against dandruff

Mix 1 tablespoon onion juice, lemon juice and burdock oil, add 1 raw egg yolk. RUB the mixture into the scalp, wrap the head with a towel and leave the mask for 2 hours. Wash off with baby soap, then it is desirable to rinse the hair with infusion of nettle or birch leaves. Repeat 1 time per week until the dandruff disappears. This mask also helps strengthen hair and stop hair loss.

Traditional Recipes With Onions for Beauty

If you do not want to mess with masks, you can simply RUB onion juice or onion crushed into the scalp. This procedure is performed 1-2 times a week. This simple tool not only eliminates dandruff, but also strengthens the hair, stimulates their growth.

Onions against calluses and rough skin

If the skin on the heels is rough, too, will help the bow. Grate the onion on a small grater, mix the resulting slurry with honey (1:1). In the evening, apply the mixture to rough skin, cover with gauze or a cloth, bandage. In the morning, remove the bandage, gently remove the softened keratinized layer of skin and lubricate the heels with nourishing cream for feet.

Traditional Recipes With Onions for Beauty

In the same way you can get rid of dry corns. Another method: bake a small bulb, cut it, apply a cut on a dry corn, tie. This procedure is also done in the evening, before going to bed. In the morning you need to remove the bandage, steam the skin and carefully remove the corn.

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Do you use onions for cosmetic procedures? If Yes — share your recipes in the comments.

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