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The Main Diseases Of Roses. Who Is To Blame And What To Do (Part 1)

The greatest harm to garden roses is caused by black spots and rust. Unfortunately, too accessible pesticides, on the one hand, and a lack of understanding of the characteristics of rose diseases, on the other, lead to the unjustified use of protection products by our gardeners. The annual turnover of […]

The Main Diseases Of Roses. Who Is To Blame And What To Do (Part 2)

Rust of roses With a strong development of this disease, the plant can simply die. Rust pathogens-highly specialized rust fungi Phragmidium disciflorum (Tode) James and Phragmidium. tuberculatum Mull., infecting plants only within the genus. Signs of rust damage may vary depending on the plant variety and the stage of development […]

Top Dressing For Cabbage — Scheme Of Top Dressing For The Season (Part 2)

Feeding scheme for the entire season During the period of residence of an early-maturing lady in the open ground, 2 fertilizing is carried out, medium-and late-maturing beauties are treated to Goodies 3-4 times — and this is with sufficient filling of the bed with fertilizers! Since autumn, the planned landing […]