Dahlia – Autumn Decoration of the Flower Beds

I like dahlias, they bloom profusely and for a long time, care for them is simple.

But never liked to remove excess axillary shoots, sorry to torment the plant. Although many people say it’s not stressful for him, I don’t believe it. So I chose the dwarf varieties, I read that it him is not only unnecessary, but even harmful. This is true, my own form a beautiful compact bushes, and bloom for how long! The first flowers usually appear in early August, then flowering lasts continuously until the beginning of winter.

Dahlia – Autumn Decoration of the Flower Beds

Dahlias grow on a Sunny flower bed, protected from the wind. I have a fertile soil on the site, so when planting I necessarily adds and (these flowers do not like stagnant water at the roots) and a little wood ash. Care is reduced to feeding, regular watering and removal of faded inflorescences. I try all the soil between the flowers to mulch all kinds of materials – sawdust, sand, crushed shell, even just briefly, cut into thin twigs. Therefore, loosening is required much less often, only when the mulch during irrigation is washed and mixed with the soil.

Dahlia – Autumn Decoration of the Flower Beds

I read that dahlias love wood ash, it increases the brightness of the petals and serves as a means of protection against fungal diseases. Well, how not to pamper your Pets so useful and necessary means? And they in return delight me with your beautiful flowers until winter. As soon as the above-ground part dies from frost, I cut it, dig up tubers, treat them with fungicide and send it to the basement for winter storage. Let them rest until spring!

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