Varieties of Canna for Growing in Containers

Varieties canna, such as, for example, ‘Lucifer’ (60 cm tall), ‘Suevia’ (90 cm), ‘Hungaria’, ‘Pfitzer’ sChineseCoral ‘ (70-90 cm) can be used for planting in containers on balconies, in the design of outdoor terraces, where they will contribute to the creation of an unusual southern flavor.

Canna is convenient to keep in large containers in summer in the garden, in winter in a cool but non-freezing room. At the same time, you can get flowering in June, and then re — in December in the winter garden.

Varieties of Canna for Growing in Containers

Germination of rhizomes begin in february, otherwise the canna will bloom only in the autumn, and in the cool summer can not bloom at all. Part of the rhizome with 1-2 buds and roots are planted in a box with raw sand to a depth of 5 cm, covered with glass and put in a warm place (+18-+20°). When you see the sprouts remove the glass and spray the seedlings every day. In March, when the third leaf begins to develop, each plant is planted in a pot with a diameter of 22 cm with humus soil, transferred to a bright cool place. In the first half of may, the plants are transplanted into containers 30x30x40 cm in size, into a substrate of equal parts of leaf, turf land, humus, peat and sand. When the threat of frost passes, the container is buried in the garden.

Canna will bloom in June and will delight you until the cold. In the second half of September, they need to be transplanted once again into larger containers 50x50x60 cm and transferred to the winter garden. There they bloom in december.

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In winter, canna cannot be waterlogged, as this can lead to root rot. In february-march after flowering, cut the plants, remove from the container and, without clearing the ground, dry for a week. Then divide and put on germination. Before planting, it is good to hold the rhizome for about a day in a 0.1% solution of potassium permanganate.

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