Delicate Fragrance of Amaryllis

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Many grow it as indoor, and I have it growing in the open ground. In the spring, a luxurious fan of dark green leaves is formed, but they do not live long, they soon dry up. The peduncle appears only in late July-early August! The flowers have a delicate caramel taste. Everyone who saw my blooming amaryllis was sure that they were artificial flowers! How funny it was to see their astonished faces when he was convinced otherwise!

I do not dig up the bulbs every year, they winter perfectly in the ground, even shelter is not required. When the bulbs are at rest, even the soil moisture does not matter. Another thing is when amaryllis blooms, it is important to maintain a constant humidity in the flower bed. You can plant it on some non-aggressive creeping jenny-this way the humidity will be easier to maintain, and the blooming amaryllis will look more impressive on a green background.

Do you know what is most important when growing amaryllis in the garden? Don’t forget the place where it is planted!

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