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How To Plant And Care For Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a symbolic flower, bright, diverse and a little sad. Because it blooms in our gardens in autumn, when the days are shorter, the nights colder, and the weather is less pleasant. But it is no accident that chrysanthemum blooms in autumn! After all, it is a short-day plant, […]

Thanks to Zephyranthes There Will Always be Spring in the Your Flower Bed

I don’t know about you, but I have Zephyrantes in appearance strongly associated with crocuses, spring primroses. That’s why I persist in planting them every year, so that spring always reigns in my garden! Imagine, when August is running out, the leaves are already beginning to turn yellow and the […]

TOP 8 Popular Garden Flowers

Someone grows capricious orchids, someone loves petunias and noble lotuses, and someone prefers unpretentious knapweeds and daisies. But the most popular garden flowers, I would call those flowers that do not require special care, but it is very beautiful bloom all season. A few of these charming and unpretentious creatures […]

Exotic Blossom of Cleome Spinosa

Cleoma spinosa is an amazing plant! One of the few in which the view becomes more beautiful and exotic over time. The secret lies in the amazing features of Cleoma: the setting and maturation of numerous seeds in no way affect the duration of flowering. Pay attention to the inflorescence: […]

Growing Seedlings of Perennials

Now many plants are on sale, which are tiny sprouted cuttings or even crumbs grown by the meristem method, that is, from cells in the laboratory. Plants grown in the latter way are absolutely consistent with plants of their own variety, but they are devoid of infectious diseases. The problem […]

Beautiful and Functional Garden Arches

A worthy decoration of your garden will be an arch with flowers growing on it. The arch, covered with roses, which rises above the path, looks very romantic. The courtyard, created from arches, with grapes woven into them, is the best place to relax. The garden arch is used not […]