Thanks to Zephyranthes There Will Always be Spring in the Your Flower Bed

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I don’t know about you, but I have Zephyrantes in appearance strongly associated with crocuses, spring primroses. That’s why I persist in planting them every year, so that spring always reigns in my garden!

Imagine, when August is running out, the leaves are already beginning to turn yellow and the ground in the garden is strewn with falling ripe apples, pears and plums, he throws flower stalks! How to explain the beginning of flowering of bulbous plants right now-I do not know. Judge for yourself: we have not had rain for more than a month, the heat is hot during the day, the soil is cracked from drought… How to understand why this plant blooms in such a seemingly unfavorable period? Where do they get the strength to allow themselves to flourish in such extreme conditions? I don’t know, but honestly, these cute little flowers deserve our respect. I’ve seen a lot of bees on them, and if pollination happens (hopefully!), I hope to see a lot of beautiful flowers in my garden. And with the seeds, be sure to sow them even more-imagine how impressive it will look at the end of the summer.

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