Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

Hardly many of our readers could clearly and intelligently answer the question, what is Feng Shui. For most, this word is associated with something very Chinese, mysterious and ancient. Someone will emerge the most vague associations with some energies, the elements of water and earth, a reasonable organization of the home. Our today’s author will help you understand what meaning the ancients put in the concept of Feng Shui, and will do it on the closest example for readers — the example of your own garden.

Learn the laws of Feng Shui should be long before you started building a house and garden. It will be much more difficult to fix anything later. Today I will tell you how you can carry out the primary diagnosis of the site, which will help to plan the construction and design of the garden. And if you already have a house and a garden, you can just check whether the rules of this ancient Chinese art are observed at your dacha.

So, take the site plan, find the center, the compass to determine the cardinal directions. For clarity, enclose the plan in a rectangle with a grid of 3 x 3-a total of 9 sectors. Each received sector has its own purpose and is responsible for the accumulation of certain types of energy luck.

1. Energy South-the Fire

From this sector depend: luck in public life, support authority and glorious future.

The excess of energy in this sector imparts to the people constantly in it indifference to others and disregard for the rules established in society. If the energy is not enough, it can lead to the suppression of emotions, the desire to “close” from the world.

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Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? This place should be the most beautiful, if not luxurious. And remember, they never make a rock garden here, which in the South becomes the ” devil’s garden.”

2. Energy South-West — little Earth

Success in partnership and diplomacy depend on this sector.

If the energy sector is excessive, constant stay in it makes a person conservative, encourages control of everything around. Lack of energy breeds fears and uncertainty.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? “little Earth” should become the most romantic place in the garden. It is good to put a gazebo for tea ceremonies. Do not forget that this area belongs to the beautiful half of humanity, men here “come to visit.”

3. Energy of the West-element of Metal-Gold

From this sector depend: luck for those who have not lost their “inner child”, financial success, creative plans and the birth of children.

If money “flows through fingers”, and children do not obey, — probably, the reason lies in excess energy of the Western sector. Lack of energy can result in a permanent lack of funds, problems with planning and lack of interest in creativity.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? Western sector — the area of childhood, the magical gardens of the elves, this place is a dream and write stories, poems, music.

4. The energy of the North-West — element Metal — Silver

From this sector depend: luck in finding the meaning of life, the help of the law, the help of friends and influential people.

The excessive energy of the North-Western sector awakens fanaticism and negative perception of the surrounding reality in the people living in this territory. Lack of energy can lead to denial of authority and become a barrier to friendships.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? To harmonize the space in this sector should be the quietest place on the site. Imagine that your guardian angel is here. This is the best place for an Orthodox garden, a secluded corner for the older man in the house. Will fit well here wrought iron bench or metal gazebo.

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5. Energy of the North-Water

From this sector depend: luck in the professional sphere, travel, material prosperity.

If you feel that you do not keep up with your own desires, which clearly exceed your capabilities, it is likely that the Northern sector of your site is full of energy. If energy is in short supply here, it is difficult for people in such a territory to see the prospects opening up.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? Model in this part of the garden an elegant landscape composition with miniature mountains, a “purring” brook, a transparent well and pebbles, with an atmosphere of harmony and peace. But you can’t do a pond, especially if it is the “eye of the witch”.

6. Energy of the northeast-Big Earth

From this sector depend: luck in spiritual growth, help in marriage or marriage, the transfer of inheritance to children and descendants.

The excess energy of the North-Eastern sector makes it necessary to avoid contacts, to close its territory from”strangers”. Lack of energy provokes a feeling of loneliness, insecurity.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? On the “Mainland” it is necessary to put a real stone wall, preferably with a water element. A door or gate should never be made here.

7. Energy of the East-Wood

The success of the whole family, especially the older generation, good health, well-being and a happy life depend on this sector.

People who are long in the Eastern sector with excessive energy, often tend to overestimate their strength and work “until you drop.” If the energy is in short supply, there is confusion, uncertainty about their own opinions and abilities.

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Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? In this area it would be best to create a pharmacy garden, but not simple, and Chinese. It is good to organize a canopy with a wooden roof, where you can sit at the table with the whole family, and the poles-supports for the canopy entwine with climbing plants.

8. The energy of the Southeast–Tree

The prosperity of all family members, the happiness of the female half, joy and material well-being depend on this sector.

This is a very important sector, it depends on the prosperity of family members and the energy of prosperity. If there is an abundance of energy, you may feel too fixated on material matters and unwilling to part with the accumulated benefits. Lack of energy in this sector often leads to the fact that the house and the plot literally “absorb” funds, which are constantly lacking.

Feng Shui Rules for Your Garden

How to achieve balance? There should be the most well-kept part of the garden, where they never put a garage, do not light a fire and do not make a pond. But it is permissible, for example, to organize in this area a glade of dwarves with paths of yellow tulips or make a blind wooden wall of four sections, planting four flowering shrubs, and on the flooring to put a garden table with fruit and a rocking chair.

So, did you take a fresh look at your land, look at it from the outside? Do not be upset if there are mistakes. In real life, it is almost impossible to have a house and land, ideal in terms of all the requirements of Feng Shui. And don’t forget that there are so many ways to reconnect with the plant world and correct deficiencies in landscape planning.

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