Porcini Mushrooms: Useful Properties And Applications

Boletus edulis is popularly called the king of mushrooms. And not only in excellent taste it. The complex chemical composition of this fungus is due to a wide range of its useful properties, which are known to folk medicine since ancient times.

Surely many have noticed how different is Boletus edulis: it is squat, stocky, then flaunts on a high cylindrical leg, then wears a dark brown hat, then yellow-brown, then quite light. Specialists know up to 18 forms of Boletus edulis (depending on the place of its growth).

And of course, it is important to distinguish very well the king of mushrooms from similar non-edible and poisonous: Tylopilus felleus, Caloboletus calopus, Rubroboletus satanas. If you are not sure — better to refrain from collecting forest products is questionable.

Boletus edulis has analgesic, wound healing, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immunostimulating, restorative, antitumor, tonic effect. It helps to normalize metabolism, helps to clear blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, removes toxins and heavy metal salts from the body, regulates the gastrointestinal tract.

Very useful Boletus edulis with hypertension, angina, other diseases of the cardiovascular system; it is also used for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. The substances contained in it liquefy the blood, reduce the rate of its coagulation, expand blood vessels.

Porcini Mushrooms: Useful Properties And Applications

Externally apply powder from dried Boletus edulis-in the form of powder for difficult healing wounds, ulcers, bedsores, etc.; water extracts — in the form of lotions and washings for burns, frostbite, wounds, skin diseases, as well as for cosmetic purposes.

As medicinal raw materials are used mainly dried mushrooms; for the preparation of water and alcohol extracts can be used fresh.

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Contraindications to the use of Boletus edulis: acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, gout, childhood (up to 7 years).

  • Tincture of Boletus edulis

Fill a quart jar well washed and drained fresh mushroom caps, pour the vodka, well sealed, to insist in a dark warm place for 2 weeks. Strain, squeeze raw materials. Store in refrigerator.

In case of cardiovascular diseases, physical and mental fatigue, General weakness of the body, as well as for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, cancer, strengthen immunity and normalize metabolism, take 2 times a day for half an hour before meals, 1 teaspoon with a small amount of cold boiled water. Course – from 1 to 3 months (depending on the disease).

When varicose veins and thrombophlebitis simultaneously with ingestion, use a tincture to RUB into the problem areas of the lower extremities.

When uterine fibroids, cysts, impotence, and as a General tonic, take 2 times a day an hour after eating 1 tablespoon of tincture with a small amount of boiled water. Course-1 month.

Do not take this product during pregnancy and lactation. Individual intolerance is possible; it is recommended to consult a doctor before applying the tincture for treatment or prevention.

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