Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

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In winter, when the sunlight becomes very little and lacks fresh herbs and vegetables, a good help is forcing onions. There are a lot of technologies, most of them are available to almost any person.

I’m sure almost everyone in a given volume were grown onion greens in the winter. I want to share an interesting way to harvest with the original boxes. I bought them on the occasion in one of the hardware stores, I liked them very much, so I tell you about them.

Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

The size of the box 40 x 60 cm Feature is its design. At the bottom there are small spikes on which to plant the bulb.

There are limiters that do not allow this to be done very deeply, so that the onion head does not touch the bottom, but is located approximately 1-1.5 cm above it. At the bottom of the water is poured so that the lower parts of the bulbs were slightly moistened.

Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

Plus there are two. First, in such a box onion heads are securely fixed, they do not float, do not fall. Secondly, the bulb is more quickly saturated with water, as it turns out to be pierced. However, it does not rot, as in the water are only growing roots.

As experience has shown, minor damage caused to the bulb spikes, did not have any negative impact. As usual, the onion head before planting prepare-cut off the top and sprinkle with ash cut.

In the box there are small holes in the ends, so that there is ventilation, water does not stagnate. This container can be well suited not only to simple gardeners, but also to those who grow onions for sale.

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The story of this method of forcing onions would be unconvincing and incomplete without demonstrating the results. Therefore, further it will be just about them.


In boxes, with thorns was planted onion. It was grown only on water, no additives were used. At the same time the bulbs were planted in two box and one regular (mobile bed), where it was filled ground. You can see the result in the photo below.

Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

The Central box is the one with the earth. Re-growth of onions in it is much lower. If you pull the head out of this mobile beds, you can see that it has built up a good root system, while the greens are not in a hurry to give.

Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

If you look at the bulb from the box with spikes, you can see that the roots of her long enough, but did not grow as closely as the head of the soil beds. However, at the same time received a good increase in greenery.

Forcing Onions in Special Boxes

After the greens have grown enough, I take out the bulb, and in its place put another. It turns out the conveyor, continuously supplying fresh vitamins to your table.

In winter, so you can expel onions in the room or on a cool veranda. And it should be noted that the culture is unpretentious, it develops well in the winter lack of lighting. In the spring, such boxes are convenient and appropriate to place in a greenhouse to grow onions there until the main crop is planted.

Unfortunately, I can not say exactly where you can buy such boxes, as they were bought, we can say by accident. However, I hope that my experience will be useful to you, and you will pay attention to such a convenient device for forcing onions at the next visit to the store that sells household or garden goods.

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