Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

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In the previous article, we talked about the fact that the garden of aromatic herbs has the deepest historical roots. We got acquainted with the most beautiful of the fragrant plants that the modern assortment offers. Today we will consider the options for combining spicy herbs in a floral landscape.

The composition of spicy-aromatic plants, combining the benefits and beauty, is able to transform the garden, regardless of the size of the occupied area, whether it is a flower pot or a cozy corner of the garden.

Classic version

It implies, first of all, a geometric layout. It should be noted that decorative vegetable gardens and spicy gardens tend to be very regular. A spicy composition can be either a fragment or the center of a decorative garden, or an independent element of the landscape, becoming, for example, the basis of a flower garden at the entrance. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to create a regular composition on the territory, solved in a different style.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

In the tradition of monastic and English herbalists, the designated area is divided into sectors that are intersected by paved paths. Plants are planted in the resulting squares, rhombuses, and triangles. In the center, you can break a small flower bed.

Characteristic elements of regularity are clipped borders and repetitions of plants. The border can be made from hyssop, Ruta graveolens, Berberis thunbergii varieties ‘Kobold’. For a central accent, repetitions, fixing corners, it is better to choose geometric and stem shapes, for example, spherical shapes of Artemisia abrotanum and Lonicera caerulea var. edulis, Thuja occidentalis ‘Daniica’, stem shapes of gooseberries or red currants. Quite quickly, it will be possible to form a strain from R. canina, removing the excess shoots and tying up the main one.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

The composition of the fragrant garden on the paving is interesting. Plants are planted in modules, i.e. squares, which are left in the paving cloth. They may have an asymmetric arrangement. For such a composition, it is better to choose drought-resistant plants. Mulching the plantings with gravel with stones placed between them will turn the composition into a gravel garden.

Mediterranean Garden

This landscape problem can be solved by selecting plants according to the characteristic color scheme. It is worth planting silver pillows of Artemisia stelleriana, Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Nana’ and Stachys in combination with blue-purple candles of Nepeta, sage, Veronica incana and Lavandula angustifolia. Instead of Santolina, which does not overwinter in our conditions, we will plant Eriophyllum lanatum with silvery fragrant foliage and yellow flowers.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

The Mediterranean composition can frame a small pond with a fountain, and the paving will be complemented by blue or terracotta vases.

Fragrant path

A more modest option for placing herbs can be a fragrant path in the walking part of the garden. Here the plants are planted in the cracks of the paving made of natural stone.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Preference should be given to low-growing, pillow-shaped and creeping species-first of all, numerous varieties of thyme, Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Nana’, Dianthus deltoides, Alyssum, Acaena. These herbs withstand partial trampling, and the aroma they exude improves your mood.

Island flowerbed

In a landscape garden, plants are placed on flowerbeds-islands, between which paths of crushed stone or gravel sifting wind. Flowers are planted at ground level or on raised ridges, decorated with a border of flat stone.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Free landscape planting of plants allows you to group them in large blocks and is suitable for large spaces.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Combining vegetable, medicinal and ornamental species, the composition can include large grasses and perennials, ornamental vegetable crops and berry bushes, coniferous (for example, juniper varieties).

Portable Garden

If there is a lack of space, make a container garden. Plants are planted in large garden pots, but not in flower pots, as they do not look good in the garden space.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Container scented garden has a number of advantages. First, it allows you to plant heat-loving crops: rosemary, marjoram, lavender varieties. They can be taken for the winter in a non-freezing room. Secondly, mobility, which allows you to change the picture of the garden, placing it near a bench, porch or recreation area. A rich selection of flowerpots makes it possible to play on their height and color, choosing accessories in accordance with the style of the house or garden area.

Fragrant flower garden

This is the current trend of garden design. When creating a composition, planting beautifully flowering perennials, grasses, cereals, bulbous plants will only prolong the period of decorative flower garden.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

On the back tier are placed echinacea, monarchs, Agastache, fennel, balsamic pyrethrum, lemon balm, high wormwood, phlox. The middle tier is occupied by veronica, sage, oregano, variegated mint, yarrow, milkweed, fragrant daylilies. In the border, compact oregano, wormwood and hyssop look beautiful.

To contrast the shape, it is worth alternating plants with vertical, flat and rounded inflorescences. Fragrant flower garden, fragrant border (mixborder) as an independent element of the landscape, it can frame a patio or lawn, decorate a recreation area.


A rose garden can also be considered a kind of fragrant flower garden, but with more ancient traditions. Roses with their wonderful aroma have long been side by side with fragrant herbs.

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

The classic “retinue of the rose” includes catnip, sage, oregano, geraniums, wormwood, cuffs. For the composition, it is better to choose multi-flowered varieties of polyanthus roses.

Choosing a color scheme

The color scheme of the spicy composition consists of contrasting or converging colors. The contrast scale is based on warm and cold colors, for example, yellow-leaved and yellow-flowered forms in combination with blue and purple shades will replace each other during flowering (thyme, sage, catnip, hyssop, onions, geranium).

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Plants for a fragrant composition in a contrasting color scheme

  • Monarda hybrid (lilac);
  • Hyssop officinalis;
  • Salvia nemorosa ‘Mainacht’;
  • Ruta graveolens;
  • Origanum vulgare ‘Aureum’;
  • Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldshtukm’;
  • Thymus citriodorus ‘Golden Dwarf’;
  • Thymus serpyllum.

The close scheme is obtained from plants of pink, lilac, crimson, purple tones with the addition of red-leaved and silvery foliage (oregano, pink sage, echinacea, monarda, Agastache, Allium aflatunense, Silene coronaria, basil, Dianthus plumarius, wormwood, Stachys).

Garden Of Herbs: Ideas Of Interesting Compositions

Plants for a fragrant composition in a close color scheme

  • Monarda hybrid;
  • Echinacea purpurea ‘Kin’s Knee High’;
  • Echinacea purpurea;
  • Agastache foeniculum;
  • Phlox paniculata;
  • Salvia nemorosa;
  • Salvia pratensis;
  • Hyssopus officinalis;
  • Silene coronaria;
  • Oregano vulgaris;
  • Oregano vulgaris ‘Compactum’;
  • Artemisia stelleriana.

In short, you can enjoy the beauty of spicy herbs, inhale their healing aromas in any garden. Everyone is good and expressive in their own way. The choice is yours, dear readers!

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