Gardening As An Incurable Disease

The coming spring stirs the soul of the gardener, causing an exacerbation of a serious and incurable disease, which you and I, friends, have long been affected by. This is a disease in which hard work, pain and suffering bring inexplicable pleasure and satisfaction. Familiar?..

The garden – this self-willed and strong organism-will always live its own life, independent of us, only mercifully allowing us to take care of it. And many (including me) voluntarily submitted to their Garden, unwittingly became its “slaves”.

Symptoms and development of the disease

To begin with, let’s understand that SIM garden disease is ill regardless of age, gender and social status. The first and main sign, undoubtedly, is flower dependence — an irresistible attraction to everything beautiful created by nature. It manifests itself in winter melancholy and spring excitement, causing inappropriate sighs and exclamations about budding buds and frail sprouts emerging from the ground.

Gardening As An Incurable Disease

In neglected cases, “seasonal exacerbation” leads to a mania for acquisition, in which the gardener obsessed with the disease begins to buy in stores everything that (as it seems to him) is necessary for the garden: blades, seeds and roots of plants of all varieties.

Such intemperance is very dangerous and leads not only to senseless material costs, but also to problems with growing, and most importantly — with the placement of purchased crops on the site. As a rule, there is no place for them, which is why the garden is haphazardly filled with numerous flowerbeds and ridges. Even worse, if the saturation of the garden with plants leads to constant alterations and transplants – this is a dead-end branch of design that can translate the disease into a chronic stage.

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Gardening As An Incurable Disease

Of course, it would be more reasonable to plan the garden in advance in accordance with its terrain, conditions and architecture of the building and choose the appropriate unpretentious plants, but gardeners affected by their disease can not understand this, and therefore again and again with passion “step on the rake” of their favorite hobby.

Methods of infection

Fortunately, only in rare cases is the “disease” inherited. As a rule, children, having seen enough of their parents ‘ suffering, acquire a strong immune system and never become successors of garden dynasties.

Gardening As An Incurable Disease

The main source of infection – family friends and neighbors in the country. Stories about achievements in vegetable and flower growing can lead reasonable and sober adults to a state of envious excitement and provoke the first attempts at self-cultivation.

Even more dangerous is the path of so-called “Amateur design”. In this case, the cause of excitement is beautiful pictures in magazines and “masterpieces” of the neighbor’s design. Citizens who could not resist the temptation to clone other people’s garden compositions and transfer them to inappropriate landscapes and natural conditions. The consequences are deplorable-regardless of the result, there is involvement in the cycle of gardening, forces and money are spent irrationally, the craving for the garden becomes irresistible… – and the disease passes into an incurable chronic stage.

Chronic form

The most dangerous, almost incurable variant of the disease. Most often, men suffer from it, and it is expressed in manic collecting. In very rare cases, the subject of passion is any one garden culture, most often collecting becomes comprehensive.

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Gardening As An Incurable Disease

Neither the limited size of the site, nor its soil and climate conditions can stop the madman. All the money and all the effort is invested in the purchase of plants and creating the best growth conditions for them, everything is put on the altar of passion. The results of work are not always outstanding, but the hard, and sometimes just superhuman work put in to achieve them, begins to bring satisfaction, and the accumulated diseases seem insignificant.

Unfortunately, the victim is not only the collector himself, but also members of his family, and this is no joke!

Method of treatment

As a rule, they are ineffective and do not depend on the owners of gardens themselves, who suffer from this disease.

Gardening As An Incurable Disease


The most productive method of treatment. The constant disappearance of garden Pets and their falling into other unfriendly hands may well discourage the acquisition of new residents of the garden. The more thefts – the faster sobering up and, perhaps, even healing occurs.

Death of plants

A long, painful, but quite effective method of treatment. It is most often associated with agricultural ignorance. Side effects: leads to neurosis, despair and reluctance to engage in gardening in the future.

A complete cure is possible only for the weak in spirit (fanatical gardeners are incurable), but it occurs completely and is devoid of relapses.

Appeal to the “sick”

My dear friends, when creating your garden, first of all you need to understand that this plot of land is a canvas intended for creating an artistic masterpiece, no more and no less! The garden is a reflection of your taste and life preferences, your little Paradise on this earth.

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Gardening As An Incurable Disease

Nothing else bares the soul so openly as a Garden created by your own hands. Not a year, not a decade — all your life you will create an image of the ideal world in your own understanding. At first it will be timid, inept strokes on the canvas of nature, then, with the advent of experience, there will be more bold bright strokes, and here is your own Garden-a living miracle, created out of great work and love, brought up by you and raised you.

No one and nothing should allow you to doubt the merits of this little Paradise! So let’s dive into this pool together, enjoy together the sweet and pernicious Vice of creating the Garden of your dreams!

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