Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

For most of us, most days of the year start the same way. But now, finally, the moment has come for the coming and remaining days of the year: summer, vacation. A time when you can forget about the alarm clock along with your daily worries. Go to a resort, to the sea, to distant or not so distant countries, ride a bike and start the journey of your dreams.

Or you can get comfortable all-weather shoes, a roomy backpack, a tent and go camping. Lovers of Hiking and unity with nature before the route will not hurt to look at the store of tourist equipment, necessary for anyone who is going to nature, there will be.

Fight mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes, midges, horseflies… Annoying insects can ruin any vacation. There is no time for beautiful landscapes, sunsets and guitar songs. And those who are going on a picnic or to the country, mosquitoes will not add to the pleasure of rest.

Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

The stores have a whole Arsenal for fighting squadrons of mosquitoes. For personal protection, a variety of repellent sprays are suitable, and mosquito coils are convenient to use at the bivouac. Pay attention to a special remedy for ticks, whose bites are not only unpleasant and sometimes painful, but can also carry dangerous infections.

For those who prefer unity with nature in a more civilized and comfortable environment, for example, on their own country plot, fumigators and plates to them are useful. And also-mosquito nets on doors and Windows.

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Do not neglect hats!

Travelers and those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer need a hat.

Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

The sun can act in the most treacherous way. A painful disorder of the brain due to the intense action of sunlight on the surface of the head, for simplicity called sunstroke, is not a joke: in severe cases of damage, a comatose state may occur and even a fatal outcome.

Choose from a Panama hat, a cap or a Flirty hat – what suits you best in style. Better yet, buy a few hats that go with different clothes. Then you will be protected from the sun in any outfit!

Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

In addition to the sun, you may be waiting for a heatstroke. One of the reasons for overheating of the body and difficulty in normal thermoregulation may be an insufficient amount of liquid to drink. For example, the duties of a us army Sergeant include monitoring the regular use of water by subordinates. Buy a convenient reusable water bottle. Dimensional divisions are no worse than an American Sergeant will show whether you have drunk enough water.

Convenience – above all else

Going to nature is not necessarily difficult conditions. Why deny yourself the usual comforts, if their presence is not burdensome? For example, a folding stool does not take up much space, it is light and inexpensive.

Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

Mobile seats are convenient for Hiking. But most of all, the stool will be appreciated by summer residents: do not torment your knees.

It will add the usual civilizational benefits during outdoor recreation and an led camping lantern with 3 AAA batteries. In a tent or on an evening picnic, 12 led lights will give enough light.

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It is not clear why manufacturers have equipped the lamp with a compass – does the power of the light stream increase the orientation of the lighting device to the cardinal directions? Most likely, the compass will help you find your way back if you are away from the company.

Cheap Products For a Comfortable Stay In Nature

As the iconic musician of the 70s of the last century John Lennon said, “Time lost with pleasure is not considered lost.” Therefore, rest with pleasure!

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