Healthy Sleep During Menopause: Rules And Helpers

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Menopause – a period in life, the onset of which with fear in the depths of the subconscious expect many of the fair sex. However, doctors unanimously argue that there is nothing terrible in this period of time. It is perfectly normal for any female body and all that is necessary is to be ready for it.

In particular, it is very important to take care of a good rest, including a night’s sleep. This is the key not only to cheerfulness and good mood, but also health. The body is a natural restructuring, and he needs our help to minimize possible inconvenience and discomfort.

What happens to the body during menopause

Is it possible to regard menopause as a disease? Absolutely not. This is a normal process, part of the physiology of any female body. The menopause period is characterized by 4 main changes:

  • stop maturing eggs-a woman loses the ability to conceive and give birth to a child, comes to the end of the reproductive period;
  • decreases the activity of the endocrine glands that have a connection with the sexual system;
  • sex hormones or completely cease to be produced in the body, or their number is significantly reduced;
  • follicles in the ovaries no longer Mature.

Healthy Sleep During Menopause: Rules And Helpers

Menopause can be accompanied by unpleasant sensations that reduce the quality of life, but their severity varies greatly. There are even representatives of the fair sex who do not make complaints at all.

Most often during menopause, women complain of sweating, anxiety, migraine attacks and tachycardia (heart palpitations). Frequent complaints of decreased memory and vision, mood deterioration, poor sleep, many note that the appearance has changed a lot.

Why is healthy sleep during this period so important

Various sleep disorders during menopause cause a lot of inconvenience. They develop because of hormonal changes, for adaptation to which the body needs some time. And it is not only that the level of biologically active substances responsible for controlling biorhythms changes, but also thermoregulation disorders, manifested in the form of tides, which often disturb a woman at any time of the day, and night is no exception.

Healthy Sleep During Menopause: Rules And Helpers

Naturally, you should not neglect sleep or close your eyes to insomnia during the menopause, hoping that everything will pass by itself. Healthy, full rest is something without which the body will be much more difficult to adapt to new conditions.

During the night sleep there are very important processes, the violation of which affects the health, appearance, performance:

  • regeneration in all organs and tissues is activated;
  • there is a “unloading” of the brain, which has a beneficial effect on memory;
  • normalizes metabolism and hormone production, which is important for women during menopause;
  • the process of cell division returns to normal, which reduces the risk of cancer.

Healthy Sleep During Menopause: Rules And Helpers

Normalize sleep is very important, and this can help quite simple and affordable means: proper daily routine, walking in the fresh air, herbs.

Phytoestrogens guard women’s health

Phytoestrogens can be a good helper in the fight against the symptoms of menopause, including insomnia. This term refers to substances of plant origin that have an effect on the female body, similar to the action of natural estrogens produced by the sexual system during its functioning.

Modern preparations based on phytoestrogens allow:

  • prevent the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, including atherosclerosis, from which women are protected by natural estrogen;
  • significantly slow down the aging process in the skin, maintain youth and attractiveness for a longer period;
  • reduce the rate of calcium loss by bone tissue, improve bone strength;
  • reduce unpleasant symptoms provoked by hormonal restructuring (reduced “hot flashes”, normalizes sleep, tachycardia disappears, the frequency of migraine attacks decreases).

Usually phytoestrogens are used by doctors in women who have contraindications to the use of hormones or categorically deny taking hormones. And then phytoestrogens are an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. They have a softer effect on the female body, have fewer side effects.

Quiet night-active day

If the body is well rested at night, in the daytime it is easy for us to work, we are full of energy and active. By maintaining natural biorhythms, you can protect yourself from unpleasant companions of menopause-headaches, fatigue, impaired attention and memory, etc.

What does it take? Stick to simple rules:

  • full healthy nutrition with observance of elementary dietary norms;
  • normalization of work and rest regime;
  • regular feasible physical activity;
  • daily walks in the fresh air;
  • observance of rules of personal hygiene and hygiene of the room.

Healthy Sleep During Menopause: Rules And Helpers

Do not forget about such an important moment as intimate life. The end of the reproductive period is not a reason to put an end to yourself and sexual relations, and menopause is not a contraindication to close relationships. In this difficult period for a woman, intimate life will only help to restore normal hormonal background, contribute to improving mood and General condition.

Remember that menopause is a normal state of the body. All that is required of a woman is to adequately perceive changes in her body and, if necessary, choose the right ways to correct her condition. Healthy full sleep and the right way of life-the first assistants in this case!

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