How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

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Each gardener or a gardener, sooner or later willy-nilly, is confronted with the task of disposing of various garbage that accumulates in the garden during the season. What to do with the dacha garbage, where to store and how best to dispose of it are issues that are not customary to talk about, but it is them that we will discuss in this article.

Disposal of everyday waste, as well as various construction debris is a real problem for many owners of household plots. Each of us solves it differently. But one thing is to really decide, and quite another to throw garbage into the nearest ditch, forest or ravine, turning everything around into a real trash bin filled with plastic bags, pieces of iron, glass jars and other waste.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

About how much damage is caused to this nature, people do not even think – bye! After some time, such ravines and forests turn into spontaneous garbage dumps, emitting a huge amount of harmful substances that cause irreparable harm to our already non-ideal ecology.
Do not forget: the law provides administrative and even criminal liability for a landfill that is arbitrarily organized. And no one likes the neighborhood with such garbage cans. But, I think everyone at least once in their life had to contemplate this unpleasant sight, didn’t it? I want to believe that the five simple tips from this article will be able to change the situation a little.

Tip one: put care on others’ shoulders

We do not live in the Stone Age, so today the most reasonable and easiest way to get rid of garbage is to organize its export. There are many specialized utilities and various commercial enterprises, which for a fee will be engaged in the removal of household waste from your cottage and your neighbors’ plots.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

To order such a service, just open a newspaper or just surf the Internet. Having concluded the contract, you can with a clear conscience forget about the existence of the problem of garbage in the country. But if for any reason (expensive, unprofitable, and so on) it is impossible to organize the collection of garbage, you will have to look for other methods – civilized and practical. We will talk about them in more detail.
In fact, the problem of garbage disposal is much wider than we think about it. The question is not only how to dispose of this or that garbage, but also where, in fact, how to properly save it? And in general, is all the garbage really so?

Second tip: make compost

Some of the waste – twigs, food debris, fallen leaves, mowed grass, weeds, eggshell and other decaying organic raw materials, as well as paper and cardboard – can be composted. This is perhaps the best way to dispose of food and plant waste.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

In this way, you will not only get rid of a considerable amount of garbage, but also get excellent ready-made fertilizers. To prepare the compost, you must build a special compost box.

And in order not to plant near the box of flies, we cover the future compost with a thick layer of mowed grass or weeds. You can make a compost box with a lid. Thanks to this method of waste disposal, the remaining waste will take up much less space, and it will be easier to store it.

Tip Three: Do not throw away construction debris

Construction debris is successfully used in the construction of foundations – for gazebos, barbecue areas and so on. Moreover, it is possible to use for this not only pieces of bricks and blocks, stone breaking, remains of drywall, wall paneling, siding and glass, but also various metal wastes, for example, cutting corners, channels, pipes.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

All the same fragments of brick and stone battle will serve as an excellent – very durable and reliable – basis for the construction of garden paths.

Tip Four: Improve your storage space.

It is easiest and easiest to store garbage in specially adapted containers, which, ideally, should be several – for different types of waste: construction waste, plastic, glass and household waste.
The volume of containers may be different – this, first of all, depends on the number of people who live in the house. But, regardless of the volume, the container must be as stable, durable and sealed as possible. It is also desirable that it be installed on a small concrete platform.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

Naturally, it is not very pleasant to contemplate a garbage container, so it can be masked by protecting a common barberry, wildflower, wild grape and other similar plants with a hedge.
You can also decorate a household area with a garbage container with a neat wooden fence or ordinary wattle fence. Do not want to make a fence, and a beautiful fence around the dumpster would you like? Then break the willow twigs and just stick them around the container. It will take quite a bit of time, and the twigs will turn into a gorgeous hedge, which can be cut to form fancy patterns and shapes.

Tip Five: if you burn the garbage, then correctly

All the same branches, fallen leaves and mowed grass can be burned. But is it necessary? The question is not idle: burning debris, you harm the environment, and if you do it wrong, then yourself.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

True, many consider it is the burning of the most affordable, simple and proven way to get rid of garden garbage. And if you think so too, then at least do it right.

And how to burn garbage?

To get rid of garden garbage, you should not make a fire in the old-fashioned way – besides the fact that it is not very effective, it is also dangerous. It is better to use a special waste incineration center – a barrel, which should be located at a maximum distance from various buildings, bushes and trees. You can always control such a hearth and, if necessary, quickly, literally in a matter of seconds, put it out.

If there is little accumulation of debris on your site, you can adapt an old metal bucket to incinerate it. But the simplest waste incineration hearth is obtained from an old metal barrel that has served its day, which is not difficult to find.

The advantage of such a hearth is that when it is not needed, it can be transferred. That is, unnecessary garbage was burned, and the barrel was hidden away in a secluded, so to speak, place so that it would not spoil the beautiful view of your garden plot.

How to dispose of garbage at the cottage: Top 5 tips

Before you start burning garbage in a barrel, you need to remove the bottom from it. Additionally, along the entire perimeter of the lower part of the tank, it is necessary to drill several small holes.
Prepare a barrel, choose the safest place to place it. At the selected location, dig a small hole — about 30 centimeters deep and a meter in diameter. In the middle of this pit, install a barrel so that air can easily flow into it from below. You can also install the barrel on a metal or brick stand or else on the ground covered with rubble.

Having filled up in the built garden the garden garbage, light it. Thanks to a fairly strong fire, the fire will flare up very quickly and the garbage will burn in a matter of minutes. Just do not forget, please, that plastic and other synthetic waste should not be burned even in this way: when burning, they emit toxic gases that can harm your health and the environment!
It seems that everything I know about the easiest way to dispose of garbage in the country, I told you. I hope my advice will help you in this important daily business. I would be glad if you complement my article and tell about how you dispose of garbage in your summer cottage.

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