How To Grow An Excellent Cucumber Seedling

It’s time to sow cucumbers for seedlings. In my practice, crops are always stretched in time, whether it is sowing tomatoes, peppers or other vegetable crops. For growing on my site, I always choose parthenocarpic varieties and cucumber hybrids, they fully meet my expectations.

Containers for seedlings

There are many variants of seedling containers, but you often hear that the seedlings are stretched. One of the reasons for this trouble is a tight container. To prevent cucumber seedlings from stretching, I choose glasses with a volume of 0.5 liters. It is necessary to make drainage holes to prevent moisture stagnation.

At the initial stage of growing seedlings, it is necessary to provide greenhouse conditions. For this purpose, special mini-greenhouses with transparent lids are excellent. Place the glasses inside — and close them tightly. The microclimate will be ideal, the seeds will germinate quickly and amicably in it.

How To Grow An Excellent Cucumber Seedling


Cucumbers like loose soil. There are specialized formulations for this culture on sale. On these soils, cucumbers develop well and do not require fertilizing.


The soil in the glasses is well moistened, a manual sprayer is excellent for this. If you have purchased good seeds, then you need to sow 1 seed in each container. As a rule, high-quality seed material is treated with a remedy for diseases, therefore it is not necessary to additionally pickle and soak the seeds.

How To Grow An Excellent Cucumber Seedling

Before sowing, I take nail scissors and carefully cut off the very tip of the seed — its “beak”. Then I put the seeds in glasses on the wet ground and fall asleep, the thickness of the filling is 1.2-2 cm. I water the soil from above so that the soil is well moistened. I cover the crops with a transparent lid or polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect.

It is necessary to germinate cucumbers in a warm place, the optimal temperature is +25°C. I use special electric mats — if you do not have such, then put a layer of foam or something similar under the containers with seedlings. The main thing is that cucumbers do not stand on a cold windowsill. After the sprouts appear, we remove the lid and keep the seedlings under phytolamps, at least on cloudy days.

I hope that now you have fewer questions about how to sow cucumbers for seedlings!

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