Useful Information: Pepper Seedlings Picking

To be or not to be a dive is a question of concern to all summer residents who grow seedlings on their own. Discussions on this topic continue, and it must be said that the opponents and supporters of this method are divided into two camps approximately equally.

Novice gardeners may find it difficult to decide what to do. There is interesting and useful information, where we will consider in detail the arguments “for” and “against” the selection of seedlings. It can be useful for both beginners and experienced summer residents, as it will help to strengthen the correctness of their own choice.

Especially often, opponents of diving mentioned pepper as a vivid example of a plant that can hardly tolerate this procedure. When transplanting seedlings of any culture, there is always a risk of damage to the root system, but it is pepper that treats this more painfully.

But there is another opinion, supported by practice. Many gardeners simply did not know that pepper is a tender plant, and grew it the way their mothers and grandmothers did. With a dive. And successfully.

Useful Information: Pepper Seedlings Picking
Planting of pepper seedlings in the open ground

I myself once conducted an experiment, growing pepper seedlings of the same variety in two ways. At first, the untouched plants grew slightly better than the dived ones, but by the time they were planted in the ground, they could only be distinguished by their markings.

If you decide to grow peppers with a dive, I offer you two different options.

The first option — classic diving-transplanting seedlings into separate containers.

The second option– the original method of planting seedlings in diapers.

The essence of the vorogo method is that plants grown in a common bowl are immersed in a small lump of earth, which is immediately wrapped in a “diaper” — a small piece of polyethylene.

Useful Information: Pepper Seedlings Picking
Picking peppers in diapers

It turns out an improvised homemade container without a bottom. Plants cut into cubes in this way are placed in a tray with high walls (a cake box or a cut five-liter plastic bottle, for example) and then watered from below: water is poured into a tray.

And how do you grow pepper seedlings-dive or sow directly in separate containers? Share with us, tell us about your journey in the comments.

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