How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)


First of all, prepare a large barrel and put it in the open. The container will need to be regularly filled with water, and then the water heated in the sun is carried to the cabbage bed. The trick with cold water from the hose will not work – cabbage will not make such a mockery and quickly get sick, adding you even more trouble.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

Water can pour not only under the root of the plants, but also from the top of the watering can – they really like it. Spend watering in the morning or evening hours and do not forget that the cabbage will not forgive you either dried or waterlogged soil.

Constant transfer of heavy buckets and watering cans with water can not be called a pleasant occupation, so you can cheat a little. Mulch the soil under the cabbage with a thick layer of straw or weeds. This will reduce the number of watering in the drought and save you from the tedious duty of regularly loosen the soil under the plants and remove unnecessary vegetation. Abundant watering of cabbage is required during active growth, and during the maturation of the heads, reduce the doses of water so as not to cause them to crack.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

Additional fertilizing

The white-haired beauty has a completely different standard of beauty than ours: the lady strives to get fat as much as possible and prefers high-calorie food. To help her build up thick sides, 15-20 days after planting in the ground, prepare her favorite delicacy – a solution of mullein (1:10) or bird droppings (1:15) and pour 0.5 liters of the drug under each root. If there is no manure or litter in the farm, use a solution of purchased humic fertilizer prepared according to the instructions.

A couple of weeks again treat the cabbage with a solution of mullein, adding to every 10 liters of solution of 1 tablespoon nitrophoska and consuming 1 l of mixture per 1 plant. An alternative option is a complex organomineral drug from the store.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

After 15-20 days after the 2nd feeding, the fattened lady is again given caloric organic matter and minerals, which will contribute to the production of dense quality heads. For this purpose, 1 tablespoon of superphosphate and 1 teaspoon of potassium sulfate are added to a 10-liter bucket of mullein or litter solution. Consumption — 1 liter per root.

Feed the cabbage in the evening, pre-moistened in the garden soil. After each feeding, move the mulch and Spud the ground legs ladies – it will give them stability.

Protection against pests and diseases

Healthy buxom lady is always admired, but to achieve such beauty is not easy. Prevent this numerous pests that continually strive to spoil the green decoration of cabbage. So you have throughout the season to play the role of a personal maid mistress and constantly monitor the quality of her attire.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

To do this, stock up on sifted ash and dust it plants every 7-10 days of dew or after sprinkling from a watering can. This technique will help to scare away from the cabbage beds of harmful insects.

For the same purpose in the spring in the aisles of cabbage and along the perimeter of the beds planted marigolds. You can go the other way: to pick marigolds in the flower garden, chop the stems with leaves and inflorescences and pour water (10 liters of water take 0.5-0.8 kg of cutting). After a couple of days, the infusion is filtered and used for spraying cabbage. Another option is a daily infusion of garlic (200-250 g of crushed teeth per 10 liters of water).

Such infusions are used not only to prevent the invasion of pests, but also to combat already appeared. If folk remedies did not help, arm yourself with a sprayer charged with an insecticide solution.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

Chemical preparations will be useful in the defeat of cabbage and fungal diseases. But this case is extreme: if you take good care of her, using fungicides is not required.

Harvesting and storage

Even at the stage of planting seeds, save their packaging: they always indicate the growing season of the variety, so you can decide on the approximate date of harvesting. For cleaning, choose a dry autumn day. At this time, the performance of the street thermometer should range from +2…+8°C during the day and to -3°C at night. If because of the constant rains to choose a nice day for harvesting cabbage does not work, the harvest is first dried under a canopy or in a barn and only then transfer to the cellar.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

If you want to keep the heads fresh longer, pull them out by the root. Carefully clean from the ground, cut the cover leaves, leaving 3-4 pieces, and then using twine or wire hung upside down in the cellar to any crossbar.

Forks intended for fermentation, cut with a sharp knife, leaving a stalk 4-5 cm long. They also leave a few cover leaves, and then laid in the cellar stumps up on a dry wooden flooring so that they do not touch each other.

White cabbage is unlikely to get along with a lazy or the same obstinate summer resident who does not want to constantly please his green guest. But the hardworking and caring owner will certainly wait for gratitude from the garden lady and all the envy will collect at the end of the season an excellent harvest of large fat heads.

How to Grow Large Heads. The Secret Techniques of Care for Cabbage. (Part 2)

Dear readers, what is your relationship with white cabbage? Share with us in the comments the secrets and tricks that help your garden lady to build thick sides and give large heads.

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