How to Reproduce Pelargonium Qualitatively

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Pelargonium, or, as it is also called, geranium-a favorite flower of many gardeners. Despite the fact that the plant is perennial, it does not winter in the middle zone. Summer residents who grow “Granny’s flower” in the summer, used to take the queen bushes for the winter home, where they rest, gain strength, and in February begin to grow.

This is the time when pelargonium is very favorable for breeding for further planting on summer beds or in pots. To grow a strong plant in the spring, this flower is cut.

To do this, young shoots are cut from the queen bush. This should be done so that there are 1-2 leaves left on the skeletal branch. New shoots will grow from their sinuses, and the queen bush will be very lush.

How to Reproduce Pelargonium Qualitatively
Cut the cuttings

From below, the leaves are removed, leaving two or three leaves at the top. Cuttings of pelargonium for good rooting is useful to lie in the open air for some time (1.5-2 hours).

How to Reproduce Pelargonium Qualitatively
Remove the leaves from the bottom of the cuttings

Then the twigs are lowered into a glass of water at room temperature and placed on a light windowsill.

After about a week, the cuttings grow roots, so that they can already be transplanted into the ground. Also, after a week, you can see how new shoots appear on the queen bush instead of those that were cut.

How to Reproduce Pelargonium Qualitatively
After a week you can see the roots

For this plant, a universal soil for seedlings is suitable. Fill the appropriate cups, make a recess, plant the plant there and water it.

Pelargonium has a good survival rate, so it can be planted with cuttings in the soil without first growing the roots in water. Cups with planted cuttings should be placed on a bright windowsill and watered as needed.

How to Reproduce Pelargonium Qualitatively
We plant cuttings in the soil

As soon as they grow so that they do not have enough space, they will need to be transplanted into large pots or planted in open ground or pots. However, it is possible to move the pelargonium to the street only after the threat of return frosts passes, as a rule, in the second half of May.

Do you have geraniums in your garden?

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