Recipes For Cooking And Using Apple Cider Vinegar

The topic is extensive, almost immense, so we will do without Preface. It’s time to move on to practice.

Cooking Apple cider vinegar

There are different recipes for cooking this useful tool, you can choose from them the one that seems most suitable to you. In this case, you must follow a number of General rules:

  • use mostly ripe apples;
  • you do not need to remove the skin and core, but you must cut out wormholes and rotten places;
  • prepared apples should be crushed (cut, grate, pass through a meat grinder, grind in a food processor);

Recipes For Cooking And Using Apple Cider Vinegar

  • cook the vinegar in a glass, enamel, or wooden dish to avoid unwanted chemical reactions;
  • for primary fermentation, it is convenient to use a pot, bucket, basin or other similar (wide) container: mixing of Apple mass is simplified, fermentation is accelerated;
  • sugar can be completely or partially replaced with honey — it increases the useful properties of vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar in folk medicine

Today you can easily find a huge number of recipes for using Apple cider vinegar for various diseases on the Internet or in various printed publications. Be careful and careful: for all its absolute advantages, this tool is not shown to everyone. Be sure to consider possible contraindications.

Recipes For Cooking And Using Apple Cider Vinegar

In addition, it should be understood that Apple cider vinegar is not a panacea. Contrary to the information spread on the Internet, it does not treat cancer and other serious diseases. Avoid questionable experiments with your health!

Apple cider vinegar with honey for nervous disorders

Add 3 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar to a Cup (200 ml) of honey and mix well. For insomnia, eat 2 teaspoons of the mixture before going to bed.

With increased nervous excitability, tics, muscle spasms, it is recommended to take 1 glass of honey-vinegar water daily (1-3 times a day): 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar and 1-2 teaspoons of honey per glass of boiled water.

Apple cider vinegar on herbs for angina

Mix 1 tablespoon of dried crushed vegetable raw materials:

  • horsetail field;
  • thyme;
  • peppermint;
  • the leaves of raspberry ordinary;
  • oak bark.

Pour the resulting collection of 0.5 liters of Apple cider vinegar, insist in a warm dark place for 3-4 days, strain, seal. Store in the refrigerator. Use for rinsing with angina at the rate of 1 teaspoon of vinegar per 1 Cup of warm water.

Recipes For Cooking And Using Apple Cider Vinegar

It is also effective for angina to rinse with a solution of ordinary Apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water) – every hour during the day, to be treated until recovery.

Apple cider vinegar for varicose veins

In the initial stage of the disease, the use of Apple cider vinegar can significantly improve the condition of the veins. In the morning and evening, this tool is lubricated (washed) the affected areas, while taking inside 2 times a day for 1 glass of water with 2 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar.

Washings can be replaced by wraps: moisten a piece of cotton or linen cloth in Apple cider vinegar, lightly squeeze, wrap the Shin, cover with a dry Terry towel. Hold for half an hour, while the legs should be in a slightly raised position. These treatments are also performed daily, in the morning and in the evening. The improvement becomes noticeable after 4-6 weeks.

Apple cider vinegar in home cosmetics

To care for the appearance of Apple cider vinegar is also used quite widely. It is added to lotions and masks for different skin types to normalize its condition, get rid of some skin problems (acne, freckles, itching and peeling). Rinsing the hair with water with the addition of Apple cider vinegar facilitates combing, gives the hair a healthy Shine.

Recipes For Cooking And Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Herbal infusion with vinegar for oily skin

1-2 tablespoons of dried crushed sage herb medicinal or lime color pour 1 Cup of boiling water, wrap, insist for 15 minutes, strain. Add 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and mix. Use for wiping oily, inflamed skin.

Cucumber with vinegar for flaky skin

If the skin of the face is chapped and flaking, a very simple remedy will help. Dilute the Apple cider vinegar with water (1:1). Cut a slice of fresh cucumber. Dip the cucumber in the vinegar solution and RUB it on your face, then let the skin dry in the air.

You can do something else: squeeze out the cucumber juice and add a small amount of Apple cider vinegar. The resulting lotion is rubbed on the face and decollete area, it is used to soften dry, flaky skin on the hands. This product can be stored in the refrigerator for a short time.

Apple mask with vinegar for Mature skin

Peel a medium-sized Apple from the seeds, cut into pieces and cook in a small amount of milk until softened. RUB the Apple-milk mixture until smooth, add 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar to the resulting puree, and mix. Apply the mask on your face, leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, then rinse your face with cold water. This product nourishes, refreshes and tones the skin. Suitable for regular (every other day, 3-4 times a week) use.

However, you can get the benefits of Apple cider vinegar without prescriptions for any special drugs. Use it wisely in cooking instead of the usual synthetic — the body will be grateful to you. And next time we will talk about other types of natural vinegar, their features and useful properties.

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