Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

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In the country of trouble happen to us several times more often than in a city apartment. Trying to remake a lot of different cases, we are overtired beyond any measure, lose vigilance and risk unexpectedly to be in a hospital bed. How to avoid?

Garden work requires a lot of muscle effort, and most of us have time to lose their physical shape over the winter. Seedlings, fertilizers, garden equipment, humus — all have to carry on itself, and even dig up the beds, loosen the ground under the trees. It hurts the spine, ligaments and joints, which is weaned from high loads, and as a result of the trip to the dacha ends with sprains, dislocations, attacks of radiculitis.

Increase the load on the body gradually and do not rush at once, for a couple of days off, to redo all the things that have accumulated in the garden and garden. Take care of yourself! Even young people (not to mention the middle-aged people and especially pensioners) need time to adapt to the country conditions.

Air in nature is richer in oxygen, but the body, accustomed to be content with little, this fact, oddly enough, does not make life easier, and creates additional difficulties: he has to rebuild your exchange with the increased oxygen load, and this also takes time. And the fatigue which has accumulated for a working week affects: you not on a sofa carried out it, and for certain actively were engaged in various kinds of Affairs. And finally, the weekend. There would be a human, but you are racing to the country and the last effort kicked the long-suffering body on the garden field work, while he begs you to let him sleep it off.


Noticed that in the fresh air often at first tends to sleep? This is how it should be: when we sleep, it is easier for our body to adjust to the new conditions of existence in the natural environment. But instead of going to meet the body, we begin to unload things and rush around the site, pulling weeds and sticking seedlings in the beds.

Than it comes to an end for people of Mature age (namely they are more inclined to country feats), it is perfectly known to physicians: they constantly warn the people who have fallen to joys of agriculture that in summer the number of heart attacks, hypertensive crises and vascular catastrophes in the form of strokes and heart attacks becomes frequent. So dose the load!

Working in the garden, hide from the sun! In shorts and a swimsuit for long and burn.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

So equip a shirt with long sleeves and pants (they will protect the skin not only from ultraviolet radiation, but also from nettle with other “biting” weeds). And don’t forget about the headgear and sunglasses!

In fact, you do not have to be an appendage to the country, and it should serve you for rest and health promotion. If you undermine it, achieving exemplary order on its acres, what would be the point in all this gardening idyll? Who will enjoy it if you find yourself in the hospital?

Do not forget about the rest, do not strive to break the “world records” on the beds!

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, do not give yourself strict tasks — today I will certainly do so much: potatoes, cucumbers, beet weeding. Work, checking with your health! This advice should be followed by healthy people, if they do not want to overdo the garden and field work.

You have hypertension? Start gardening not early in the morning, but only after 11-12 hours of the day, when taken medications eliminate the usual pre-dawn rise in pressure. If the day was sultry, cancel the feats of labor: hypertensive patients poorly tolerate the heat. Forget about the beds and relax in the cool! Do not miss the fact that most vascular accidents in hypertension occur from 5 to 11 and 17 to 19 hours — at this time you need to be especially careful with exercise. And in patients with diabetes, it can provoke an exacerbation of the disease: they also need to be very attentive to their condition.

The medicines you usually take (asthma, heart attack, pressure, bee sting Allergy, etc.) should always be with you, not in the house or pockets of clothes thrown at the other end of the garden.

You should not go to the country site alone. You never know how the heart and blood vessels will behave in response to physical and thermal stress after a day spent on the beds!

If there is pain behind the sternum or in the left half of the chest, arm, elbow, wrist joint, pinky or even jaw (all on the left side), stop working immediately. For the heart it is excessive! Interrupt her if it became difficult to breathe, there was a feeling of heaviness or pressure in the sternum, ringing in the ears, darkened in the eyes, if you suddenly felt very weak with sweating. Sit down or lie down in the shade, taking the medicine. Do not hurry to return to the interrupted lesson. This is especially important if you use nitroglycerin: it begins to act quickly enough, and dramatically reduces the pressure. If the symptoms of anxiety have disappeared, take a good rest and on this day do not resume work. Condition has not improved? We need medical attention!

Let me introduce Epilobium!

Look to the forest floor and in the lowlands pink-purple thickets of Epilobium angustifolium.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

Previously, it was used mainly for the falsification of this drink: tea was prepared from young leaves, which, with appropriate processing, is very difficult to distinguish in appearance from the present. However, the deceived buyers did not remain in the loser.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

Modern scientific research has fully confirmed its medicinal properties, long ago known to folk medicine. It is good for headaches (especially migraines), relieves fatigue and restores strength after a day spent in the works of the country.

And the greatest healing effect has tea, brewed from the tops of plants with delicate leaves and half-blossomed flowers.

From young shoots and leaves you can prepare a delicious vitamin salad:

  • Pre-dip them in boiling water for a couple of minutes.
  • Let the water drain, cool and cut with vegetables grown on the beds (radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs).
  • Season with vegetable oil, salt to taste.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

This dish is useful for those who suffer from gastritis, colitis and other diseases of the digestive tract — they are all perfectly treated with Epilobium. Just do not forget that the plant is a medicinal, and therefore it should not be abused — it should appear on your table only from time to time, for example on weekends.

Healing lawn

The easiest way to relieve stress after a full day of country troubles — walk on the grass barefoot. Herbal carpet stimulates the receptors located on the feet, restoring strength, strengthening the immune system and revitalizing the whole body from the heels to the top. And the main secret of this healing lawn-in the preparation of the soil.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

  1. The first thing to get rid of weeds, not to accidentally get burned on nettles, not cut on the sharp edge of the sheet, not to run into a thorny Burr. To do this, carefully dig up the site and be sure to remove the rhizomes of weeds and debris.
  2. The lawn area should be carefully leveled, and the top layer of soil to loosen to a depth of 20 cm.
  3. If the soil is poor, make organic fertilizers or humus.
  4. After that, sow the lawn grass at the rate of 30-50 g seeds per square meter.

Selection of herbal blends for different lawns great: meadow and Alpine flowers, and even no — English type. Whichever one you prefer, mix it with oats. Its large white grains are clearly visible on the black ground, which facilitates uniform seeding. In addition, oats rises earlier than other herbs and, loosening the top layer of the earth, helps to break through other sprouts.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

Charging in the garden

In the garden we get tired not so much from the work itself, but from its monotony. The law of physiology: overworked muscles relax faster if you give the load to others. Based on this principle garden gymnastics. From time to time, break away from your classes to relieve tension from working muscles and stretch those that are numb from inaction.

Successful Summer Cottage: How Not to Harm Health, Working on the Site

  • Lean on the handle of the shovel in front of you with both hands, slowly rise and fall on your socks, and then roll from the socks to the heels and back. Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Continue to lean on the shovel, straighten your back and perform 4-5 head tilts to the left and right, trying to touch the ear shoulder.
  • Stick the shovel into the ground in front of him at arm’s length. Pulling it out of the garden, turn your body and stick it to your left. Repeat the same with a right turn.
  • Release the handle, straighten up, put your hands behind your head, take your elbows behind your back as much as possible and stay in this position for 10 seconds.
  • Again, grasp the handle of the shovel stuck in the ground with both hands. Bend first one, and then the other leg alternately in the hip and knee joints. Repeat 8-10 times.

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