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How To Grow Mushrooms In The Country: tips For Transplanting From The Forest And Sowing (Part 2)

“Sowing” of boletus Leccinum auranticum with a brown cap and dark leg (Leccinum vulpinum) and porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis), unfortunately, prefer to grow under adult trees, so after transplanting trees with mycorrhizal white fungus, you will have to wait at least 15 years. For their breeding in the garden, it […]

Mushrooms for Salting: Names, Photos, Description, Similarity With Other Species (Part 2)

Armillaria mellea, f. borealis Season: August-October. Habitats: coniferous and mixed woods, on wood of coniferous breeds, grow huge groups. Species description: hat 2-7 cm in diameter, first round-convex, later prostrate, sometimes with a tubercle in the middle. A distinctive feature of the species: cream-yellow or yellow-brown hat with numerous small […]