Another Handsome Plant from My Garden

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This is Asclepius. I will not retell everything I read about it on the Internet (I do not agree with many of the information!), so I will write about the conditions in which it grows with me.

I bought a bag of seeds, I was told that there were 9 pieces, in fact there were 7, 2 of them are defective.

Out of 5 seeds, one sprouted! Sow it in the garden, in the fall, in a dry, sunny place. In the spring, I did not clean this place, I was afraid to confuse the sprouts with weeds. Last summer, it released two shoots, but did not bloom.

And this year I was pleased with three shoots and spectacular bright colors. When I go out into the garden, I see a flower – the light is visible even through the foliage of the young trees, so brightly colored is the flower! It is believed that Asclepia exudes a bright pleasant aroma that attracts many useful insects (therefore, it is recommended to plant it in gardens). My floral scent is pleasant, but it is barely audible, at least to a person.

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