The Human Biorhythms and the Interior Changes Every Year

Perhaps everyone has heard about the existence of biorhythms in a person’s life. Having some understanding of them makes it easier to organize your life according to natural changes.

The seven-year cycle, starting from the moment of birth, has a special impact on each of us. How do I know what year you’re in right now, Easy? For example, you are 43 years old. Six seven-year cycles have already been lived, and now you are in the first year of the next one. What do you need to change in your environment to make your home and garden a success? Let’s take a look.

At the beginning of a new seven-year cycle, redevelop the garden or apartment. Add shades of red and pink to the interior. It is not necessary to change everything, it is enough to equip a workplace or a reading corner in accordance with the recommendations.

The Human Biorhythms and the Interior Changes Every Year
Redevelopment of the garden — in the first year of the seven-year cycle

The second year is good for collecting information, training, and selecting materials. In the interior of the house and in the garden, it is good to use natural colors: sand, terracotta, beige, cream.

In the third year, buy furniture, flooring, and new plants. It is good to add wood and rattan products to the interior. The correct color is all shades of yellow: amber, straw, wax color.

The middle of the cycle can be marked by global changes. In the fourth year, you need to buy an apartment, make repairs or plan large-scale work on the site. The color of this period is green.

In the fifth year, you need to replace dishes and buy accessories made of ceramics or stone. A good solution is to build a pond on your site, barbecue or rock garden, or organize a container garden. This year’s color code is white, blue.

The Human Biorhythms and the Interior Changes Every Year
In fifth year global tableware

Of the global tasks for the sixth year — the purchase of a new plot, if you have not yet purchased it, as well as the construction of a house. In the interior, it is profitable to change textiles, paintings and posters. The colors of the sixth year are shades of purple and violet.

The last year of the cycle is the year of original solutions. Do not be afraid to change the interior, as it would seem to contradict the style and even common sense. This year, everything will be as harmonious as possible: a round bed in the bedroom, a garden bench in the living room or a huge mirror among the cherry trees. The color scheme of the end of the seven-year cycle consists of chocolate, terracotta and all shades of gold.

The Human Biorhythms and the Interior Changes Every Year
Original solutions-for the seventh year

By adapting your environment to the demands of jet lag, you are setting your energy to succeed. And with a strong energy, you will be less sick, get along better with people, and look great.

Do you listen to your biorhythms? Share your secrets with us.

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