To Make Roses Bloom All Summer, Use Castor Oil

Every gardener dreams of luxuriantly blooming roses. Therefore, she tries to take care of everything according to all the rules, giving the queen of the garden everything she needs for a comfortable and comfortable life. But sometimes the quantity and quality of flowers is still not what we would like. A simple remedy — castor oil – will help stimulate the abundant flowering of the rose.

When to apply

Castor oil affects the rose at a hormonal level: it spurs the production of special substances by the plant itself. A castor oil-based remedy should be used when buds and first flowers are formed. During this period, you can even influence the number of buds. It is also possible to process the plant already on the threshold of flowering, and then the effect will be directed to improving the quality of flowers: their size, brightness, splendor.

To Make Roses Bloom All Summer, Use Castor Oil

How to cook and use

Pour 1 liter of water into the container and add 1 teaspoon of castor oil. Stir well until the emulsion forms, and then pour it into the sprayer.

Before treating a rose with castor oil emulsion, it is necessary to water it thoroughly and even arrange a shower, wetting all the foliage. Then we wait for 2 hours and only after that we spray the plant with castor oil emulsion from the bottom of our hearts. The remaining drug is poured under the rose bush.

The Queen of flowers is highly demanding, and to maintain her beauty at its best, castor oil alone is certainly not enough. You will probably need specialized fertilizers, as well as high-quality pruning shears for timely pruning.

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