Country Toilet Without Pumping: Correct Design And Special Means

No one likes to clean country toilets or septic tanks. As a rule, this work is difficult, unpleasant, and often expensive. How can we make it so that the cleaning of the street restroom is necessary as rarely as possible, and it would be better to do without it at all?

Toilet design

Often in dachas you can find toilets with very shallow cesspools. Their volume is small, and therefore regular cleaning is required. Sometimes the owner even just moves the wooden “house” to a new place whenever the toilet overflows — and fills the old pit with earth. The solution is controversial, often impossible and inelegant, if you want to make your “amenities” really comfortable – with light, ergonomic seat and so on.

In order for the toilet to self-clean, it is required to make a pit deep and wide. The optimal size is 2 m wide, 2 m long and about 2.5 m deep. Such a pit is large in itself, but the fact that there is a lot of air in it also plays a special role. And this circumstance, combined with increased humidity, has a positive effect on the rate of waste recycling. However, even in such a pit, they can decompose for quite a long time, and sooner or later they will still have to be cleaned.

Country Toilet Without Pumping: Correct Design And Special Means

Special tool

Special tools will help speed up the natural processes in a street restroom or septic tank. One of the modern preparations, characterized by a mass of positive properties, is a biological preparation intended for the bioconversion of organic substances. It consists of living microorganisms capable of processing fats, organic deposits and natural waste. The drug is harmless, does not pollute the soil, while eliminating odors in the toilet and efficiently recycles waste. It can be used in cesspools and septic tanks. Be sure: you will have to call the sanitation workers much less often.

Country Toilet Without Pumping: Correct Design And Special Means

It’s easy to apply. 1 sachet of the drug (400 cm³) is designed for 2 m³ of a cesspool or septic tank. For use in an outdoor toilet, the powder is diluted in 3 liters of warm water (no higher than + 35 ° C) and poured around the perimeter of the cesspool. If you have a septic tank, then you don’t even need to dilute anything — it’s enough to fall asleep directly into the container or flush it through the sewer system. In the second case, you can even simultaneously clean the sewer pipes from organic plaque.

It remains to add that the drug begins to work at a temperature of + 3 ° C. When using chlorine-containing detergents, strong acids and alkalis, bactericidal and disinfectants, it is recommended to increase the dose and frequency of application of the drug. While working with the drug, you can not smoke, drink, eat, after work you need to wash your hands and face with soap and water. For the preparation of working suspensions, food utensils should not be used.

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