What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

The prefix “super” always sounds tempting. And doubly tempting when it comes to food. Acai berries, Chia seeds, and Peruvian Maca powder are called “Superfoods” in the West for the simple reason that they contain a large amount of useful substances. Do you want to find out how they can be easily replaced? Then this article is for you.

Natural and healthy

Unlike pharmaceutical supplements created artificially in chemical laboratories, Superfoods have a natural origin, whether they are berries, root vegetables, algae, leaves in dry or processed form. And they are just delicious and can greatly diversify your daily menu. Let’s say you have an incorrigible sweet tooth. Then the cocoa bean powder added to the dessert will be a healthy alternative to chocolate, especially milk.

What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

And Superfoods are a real lifesaver for men. Why? It’s very simple. If women who adhere to a healthy lifestyle can still find the strength to hire a “brakeman” with a diet Turkey breast and green salad, then for the representatives of the stronger half, it is somehow not solid to be worn like this. Another thing is a useful energy bar that easily fits in a jacket pocket or at the bottom of a backpack. But the prices for this” super food ” are too painful to bite. But fortunately, you can find a real alternative to them. I’ll tell you more: growing some Superfoods in your garden is also not a problem.

What can replace overseas Superfoods?

Nature has invented a lot of products that contain a large amount of vitamins, antioxidants and substances that make us more energetic and hardy. And you don’t have to look far for them.

Cranberries instead of acai berries

Acai berries are the fruit of Euterpe oleracea, a palm tree that grows in the Amazon jungle. They contain a lot of vitamin E. it is Believed that they will be most useful in fresh form. Do not rush to get upset: cranberries are no worse than overseas berries.

What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

Cranberries are a real natural antioxidant. It contains a lot of ascorbic acid, b vitamins, pectin, potassium and other trace elements. Cranberry berries will not only help with colds due to their anti-inflammatory properties, but will also be a great snack instead of a chocolate bar, because they are high in sucrose and fructose.

Flax seeds are no worse than Chia!

Salvia hispanica is a plant in the Lamiaceae family, found in South America, the United States, and Australia. Its seeds contain a lot of fiber, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Their domestic counterpart may well be flax seeds.

What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

Flax seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They contain high amounts of zinc and vitamins of group B. Today, from the flax seeds are already produced in extruded bars. Not used to these snacks? Then feel free to add a pinch of flax seeds to your usual morning oatmeal, muesli or yogurt.

Pine nuts will give odds to Peruvian Maca

Lepidium meyenii, as the name implies, grows in the mountains of Peru, Bolivia, and northwestern Argentina. Residents of these areas grow it as the most common garden plant. In fact, this is a root vegetable that is eaten raw or boiled, as well as dried (in this case, the valuable product is stored for a long time). Various natural preparations — powders and other food additives-are made from Peruvian Maca. Maca is considered a powerful aphrodisiac and Energizer. But pine nuts can compete with it in the ability to improve performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

Pine nuts contain a lot of vitamins E and P, which break down fat. They are also rich in phosphorus, iodine and zinc. But their main advantage is a protein that serves as a building material for all cells. 1 tablespoon of pine nuts is a guaranteed boost of energy for the whole working day. Don’t like to eat in its purest form? Just sprinkle them on your favorite vegetable salad.

Bulgur instead of quinoa?

Chenopodium quinoa is a grain crop from the Amaranthaceae family that is found in South America and the slopes of the Andes. Its value is in the absence of gluten, which is why it is referred to as the so-called slow carbohydrates. However, wheat is not inferior to them in use, provided special processing.

What Are The Benefits Of Superfoods And What Simple Products Can Replace Them

Bulgur is whole wheat grains that have been soaked, steamed, dried, the shell removed, and then crushed. By the presence of vitamins and nutrients, this cereal surpasses even buckwheat. It is low in calories and extremely nutritious. Recommended for the diet of children and the elderly. You can cook porridge from bulgur, or you can use it cold as a base for a light salad.

Menu of the future

Have you already decided to eat only Superfoods from now on, in order to get healthier in body and soul every day? Give up this idea! The main thing is a sense of proportion. According to doctors, Superfoods, no matter how good they are — are not full-fledged food, but just one of its useful components. You can’t substitute dried berries or powders for Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But it is vital to use them in this age of vitamin deficiency and an abundance of unhealthy food instead of the usual snack with a sausage sandwich, for example, on the train.

If you fantasize a little, it is possible that in some ten years even the ageless James bond in the new film about the super-agent of British intelligence will no longer ask the bartender for his trump “Martini with vodka. Mix it, but don’t shake it!” – and then switch to something more useful: “Celery smoothie with pine nuts. Cool, but not freeze!” What’s stopping us from getting ahead of Superman today?

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