24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

Probably, no other holiday awakens so much creative activity of the population as the New year. Decorate everything and everything: streets, shops, schools, offices and, of course, their own homes. Even in trams and trolleybuses in these pre-holiday days there will be snowflakes on the Windows, a string of tinsel and Christmas balls.

Paper snowflakes-beautiful and accessible even to children. But this is not the only possible option. Those who know how to use a needle and needles will be able to make winter decorations in familiar ways. Add to the piggy Bank of ideas options for needlewomen.

1. Sew

Festive decoration can be sewn from fabric. Such a cheerful snowflake will decorate the children’s room. And after the holiday, plump snowflakes-smileys will become decorative pillows or toys for kids.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

2. Made of felt

If you do not sew very well, choose felt. It is easy to process and even do not need to sew, and the result is impressive.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

Tip: you can use a non-woven double-sided adhesive material for applications with a flizofix to fasten the felt parts (for example, for a white-red snowflake, as in the photo above). It is laid between two elements that are ironed.

3. Embroider

Can you embroider? You and the Hoop in hand! Medallions with elegant embroidery are charming not only as a new year’s decor. Smooth, cross, Richelieu-all embroidery techniques are good in creating Christmas decorations.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

4. Knit

Napkins, crocheted, today many are perceived as philistinism and bad taste. If in the far drawers of the Cabinet there are samples given by your favorite aunt, but, in your opinion, do not fit the style of the interior, look at them. White knitted round napkins themselves look like snowflakes. Perhaps, at last, the time has come when what has been made over the years will come in handy.

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24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

And if you (like me) think that napkins are beautiful, and know how to use a hook, feel free to knit snowflakes and decorate the Christmas tree with them. Just don’t forget to starch it.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

5. Christmas lace

Real small masterpieces can be created by needlewomen who know the art of frivolite or similar techniques-Turkish lace, macrame.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

Masters who know how to use bobbins and know a lot about Bruges, Alencon, Venetian and other laces will create a new year’s decoration, which can only compete with the snow Queen herself.

6. Snowflakes out of thread

If weaving lace-not your hobby, too, do not worry: choose a suitable wooden base, draw a snowflake of your favorite shape and drive along the contour of the carnation. Then take the ball and pull the thread, creating a drawing in the technique of string art. The more carnations, the more openwork and interesting texture will turn out.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

7. Wallow

Do you know the technique of felting wool? Then you should not tell that snowflakes can be warm. And if this needlework is not yet included in your list of skills, it’s time to try to dump something like that. Preparing for the New year is a great opportunity to learn something new.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

8. Snowflakes made of wire

Do you want to decorate the Christmas tree with jewelry? Make snowflakes in the technique of wire wrap-from wire.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

9. Snowflakes from beads

Skillfully made decorative elements of this material are already beautiful, but you can add them with beads and beads. Or weave the product completely from beads.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

10. Wooden snowflakes

Snowflakes-light, like fluff. But these are real, and decorative can be heavier. For example, wooden. Assemble a festive geometric figure from thin wooden slats. Or, for example, ice cream sticks.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

11. From clothespins

If there is no time, but there are wooden clothespins, then you can quickly make Express snowflakes.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

12. From plywood

Do you have a jigsaw? Try cutting a snowflake out of plywood. Large-format figurines – for interior decoration. And small ones can be scattered on the table or floor, attached to a gift. And, of course, use to decorate the Christmas tree.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

13. Wooden saw blades

And you can burn snowflakes on the spits. This is a very interesting and simple technique.

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24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

14. The decor of the tubes

Have you seen this before? Hardly. Snowflakes from traffic jams will turn out large, so for the Christmas tree will not fit. But for decorating the walls of a city apartment or country house, they are useful.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

15. Using cones

Stylish decoration can be made from dry twigs or spruce legs. And also from cones, acorns, seeds and other finds from forest walks.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

16. From straw

Straw snowflakes are popular in Poland. Such festive crafts are elegant and beautiful. Or you can just cut a snow motif out of an orange peel.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

17. Snowflakes from different sheet materials

For Christmas decorations, you can use not only paper. Snowflake paper cutting can be cut, for example, from birch bark. Or from modern materials: foamed polyethylene (laminate substrate), foamed or just paperboard, plywood, sheets of fiberboard, chipboard, OSB, plastic, plexiglass, foam, drywall — all that is found in the construction store.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

18. From plastic

Large snowflakes made of artificial materials (such as polyethylene foam, foam, plexiglass or plastic) are useful for outdoor decoration — they are not afraid of water. Others are suitable for interior decoration. Large-format snowflakes can be used as an independent decoration or as a basis for new year’s compositions.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

19. Sculpt snowflakes

Snowflakes are not only cut, knit, sew or weave. They can be sculpted! Made of polymer plastic, salted dough. Or from sweet gingerbread and use not only as a decoration, but also as a nice Christmas dessert.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

20. From the glue

And still try to draw a structural paste, just thick glue, thermal glue, construction silicone or acrylic sealant contour snowflakes on plastic film, sprinkle with sequins and let your creation dry.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

Tip: the same way you can make edible decorations. Use instead of glue proteins whipped with sugar in a thick foam. Meringue snowflakes can decorate the cake. To get a brilliant dessert, sequins are replaced with real gold-food gold or silver potal.

21. Concrete structure

How do you think to make a Christmas decoration out of concrete? Prepare the form — it can be molded from plasticine or find a suitable plastic box-packaging. Pour the cement-sand solution into it. After the solution dries, we take the product out of the mold, if necessary, we process it with an abrasive skin and decorate it at our discretion-paint, paint, use decoupage. Or leave it in pristine gray, if you like the color and texture of concrete.

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24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

These monumental snowflakes can be used as candlesticks or simply hung on the wall. For this purpose, do not forget to insert a loop-suspension of wire until the solution is frozen. Also figures can be cast from plaster or any construction mix-plaster or putty. It is better to add glue to the putty for strength.

22. Growing snowflakes

The love of chemistry can be turned to the benefit of the process of making a snow decor: grow a snowflake. You will need an oversaturated salt solution. You can take copper sulfate, sodium boron. But if there are small children, it is better to choose the usual table salt: the snowflake will be very salty, but not dangerous.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

We make a blank of wire, toothpicks and other things. For best results, the surface should be rough. To do this, you can wrap the base with a wool thread or take a chenille wire.

Make an oversaturated salt solution: in very hot water, dissolve the salt until it stops dissolving. In the resulting liquid, we lower the base and fix it in suspension so that it does not touch the walls of the container. The hotter the water, the more salt crystals will settle on the surface of the snowflake. After a day, take out, dry and decorate the Christmas tree.

23. Snowflakes out of nothing

To make Christmas decorations, you can use a variety of materials. And even what has already passed into the category of garbage. Try making snowflakes from cotton swabs, cotton pads, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, old CDS, disposable plates, eggshells, curly pasta, cocktail tubes.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

24. Decorative snowballs

And finally about decorative snowballs. The easiest way to make snow lumps is from cotton wool. You can string them on a thread or spread them out on spruce paws.

24 Great Ideas For Making Snowflakes

Here is such a large collection of snowflakes turned out. What do you think will be the most beautiful?

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