Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

“How are you going to celebrate the New year?”- I ask friends and hear in response to the same phrase: “As usual.” It makes no sense to go into details, because it is immediately clear from the bored face of the interlocutor that he does not expect anything interesting from the new year’s eve. Or maybe it’s time to change something and turn the upcoming holiday into a real miracle?

Say, miracles do not happen? There are! One has only to want! And Santa Claus pointedly hints that now we have grown up and can create any fairy tales. In order to feel a surge of strength and feel happy, we, adults, do not need much – it is only necessary to break the usual course of events and do something that has never been done before. And the upcoming new year’s eve is the most suitable occasion for joyful changes. And I have in store for you 10 ideas of how to spend the holiday unconventionally.

1. New year in the warm company

Gather a cheerful company and go to the steam room. New year in the bath or sauna is undoubtedly a non-standard holiday that everyone will remember. New experiences and a sense of bodily renewal are guaranteed!

Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

Good news: you do not have to pick up a festive outfit, the dress code in this place is always the same. Employees of the institution will take care of creating a new year mood themselves: decorate the room with a Christmas tree and the appropriate attributes, as well as save you from having to stand at the stove.

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However, the bath can be suburban, then you can combine business with pleasure-a new year’s eve at the festive table and the continuation of fun in the steam room. Only, please, not forget, that bath and big doses of alcohol-things incompatible. Believe me, the steam room will do its job on its own-will charge with cheerfulness and fun and will help to start the new year with a clean slate.

2. Winter holidays without winter and snow

If you like the idea of hot sensations, but want more radical changes, go on a winter vacation in a warm country. Celebrate The new year in the summer-is it not a fairy tale?! Jumping from the winter cold in the summer heat and make a new year’s wish under the palm trees, you will be charged with joyful enthusiasm for the next year.

Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

3. Frosty adrenaline

And if the hot sand under your feet and the Christmas palm tree do not inspire you very much, go to the Kingdom of snow and skiing — to the resort of other specifics. And it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a luxury vacation in the hyped places — there are plenty of places that are cozy and sincere are not inferior to the obscenely expensive Switzerland and distant Austria. Fresh air, majestic mountains, frosty adrenaline and hospitality are guaranteed!

Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

4. Spend the holiday on top

The celebration of the New year is not necessarily planned “on the spot — – you can meet him in motion, for example, on Board the plane. If you set a goal to celebrate not like everyone else, this is the most appropriate way. Even on such a significant night, air transport continues to make scheduled flights, but they are much more fun. You don’t believe me?” Then buy a ticket for the evening of December 31 and check for yourself.

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Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

Arrange a Grand feast on Board you, of course, will not allow the crew, but a good mood will provide. At magical midnight, passengers are often offered champagne, fruit and sweets, and employees dress up in Santa Claus costumes and congratulate the guests of the plane.

And this amazing feeling of unity with absolutely strangers who suddenly, for some unknown reason, become so close and dear! All together you will shout a loud hurrah at midnight, congratulate each other and admire from the Windows of the portholes colored fireworks land. And let in a few hours you will rise from the chairs and will disperse everyone on the Affairs, but this moment will forever remain in your memory. Holiday get together!

Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

By the way, this is a good psychological way to say goodbye to your past. On new year’s eve, you will break away from everything that troubled you, soar above it. And then a completely new person will land in another city or country. A great reason to start with a clean slate.

5. Real Christmas tree and kebabs with smoke

More mundane, but no less original option-a holiday in nature, the idea of which is perfect for a large friendly company. Of course, you can always go the easy way and go to someone’s cottage-echoes of nature can be found there. But we are not like that, we are adventurers with burning eyes. So find a cozy place near the city.

You can go to the forest or to the river Bank-a starry night in the open air, bright sparks of the fire will fill the surrounding space with mystery and a tremulous premonition of bright changes. Just scout the situation in advance, check the availability of the place, as well as inform all participants of the celebration the exact coordinates of the unusual celebration.

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Ten Ways To Celebrate The New Year In An Original Way (Part 1)

Modern folding furniture and beautiful unbreakable dishes will help to organize a new year picnic at the highest level, and warm blankets and boots, fun contests and dances will not allow you to freeze. And of course, the mobile Internet and the solemn speech of the President will come to the rescue.

And still will most present Christmas tree-choose in the forest any. If you take care of the garlands and the battery to power them, it will also Shine on a festive night. An important element of the holiday — barbecue! Believe me, from the Smoking, fragrant barbecue in the middle of the forest will not refuse any guest.

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