Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Glasses of sparkling wine — a familiar attribute of the new year’s feast. And most often these glasses are filled more than once or twice in the evening.

Let’s remember a few simple rules that will help make drinking safer and more enjoyable.

What exactly should not be done

There are contraindications for the use of alcohol: you can not drink alcohol for pregnant and lactating women; it is recommended to refrain from it in diseases of the Central nervous system, kidneys, liver, and digestive organs. It is not necessary to risk those who have a high susceptibility to the effects of alcohol or had at least hints of alcohol dependence.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Do not start drinking hungry: on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed faster, and the person gets drunk at a higher rate. Before you sit down at the table, you can drink a couple of tablets of activated carbon. When drinking, do not forget to eat.

Probably, everyone knows that it is not recommended to mix different types of alcohol with each other, and you can only alternate drinks by increasing the degree, but not lowering it. As practice shows, these rules work.

Basic security

Comply with the measure. Avoid questionable beverages — wine products, hand-bought alcohol, surrogates and fakes. If you notice signs of severe intoxication in someone in the company, take care of providing them with immediate assistance to avoid serious consequences.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Don’t get behind the wheel, even if you’ve had what seems like a very small drink. Do not return from the party alone if you feel intoxicated. Order a taxi and ask your friends to take you home. This is important! There are cases when people in this state fell on the street and froze in a snowdrift. These are banal rules, but nothing is more important than your life.

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Alcohol and medications

Large doses of alcohol in combination with medications generally increase the load on the liver. This does not mean that everyone who takes drugs should not drink alcohol: usually the doctor warns if alcohol is strictly prohibited during the period of taking drugs. However, everyone should know that there are a number of medications that are incompatible with alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Here are a few examples of what consequences can result from combining alcohol with a drug:

  • the use of antibiotics drops to almost zero; the course may have to be repeated;
  • when alcohol is combined with antidepressants, the likelihood of breathing problems increases, the heart rate slows down, and the degree of intoxication increases;
  • hypoglycemic drugs in combination with alcohol can give a sharp drop in blood glucose levels.

These are just some of the possible consequences. In addition, it is necessary to understand that alcohol prevents the body from fighting infection. If you are taking any medications, read the instructions carefully or consult your doctor to find out if they are compatible with alcohol

Allergic to alcohol

Alcohol itself is rarely an allergen. As a rule, allergies are caused by substances that are contained in alcohol — for example, dyes with the prefix E or yeast mushrooms, which are used in the manufacture of certain types of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Alcohol allergies can manifest as edema, rashes, and itching. Sometimes there is a weakness, it becomes difficult to breathe. If it is very bad, you may faint, suffocation — in this case, you need emergency help.

If you know that you are prone to allergies when using a particular drink, give it up or replace it with something. It is very rare to have an Allergy to alcohol — in this case, you have to give up alcohol completely and forever.

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Alcohol and children

Each parent decides for themselves whether to give children alcohol at the holiday. Until the age of 18, this is the full responsibility of mom and dad. An organism that is still growing is not ready for alcohol, and the younger it is, the more vulnerable it is — this is the position of pediatricians.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

The criminal code provides for penalties for selling alcoholic beverages to minors: a fine, correctional labor with deprivation of the right to engage in a certain type of activity.

But in practice, many children try alcohol before they reach adulthood. Children see how adults laugh, have fun and cheerfully substitute glasses — alcohol in the child begins to be associated with a holiday and a sense of happiness. In adolescence, this is added to the desire to feel older — you want to drink champagne and talk to adults as equals, rather than sit with a glass of juice.

In his company, when the older ones are not around, the teenager will have to make a choice. Therefore, the task of parents is to explain what alcohol is, how to handle it, and tell them that it has nothing to do with the holiday and adulthood. Every parent knows their child better than any teacher, they will find the right words.

Is there any benefit from alcohol?

In no medical textbook will you find a Chapter on the benefits of alcohol. But periodically there are studies about the possible benefits of safe doses of alcoholic beverages. Researchers point out that with a moderate amount of good dry wine, the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood decreases, and blood pressure normalizes. Also, scientists refer to the link between alcohol consumption and a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, strokes,and diabetes. However, these and many other excellent properties are lost as soon as a person begins to exceed the safe dose of alcohol.

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Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

Now scientists are coming to the conclusion that teetotallers and those who drink in “moderate amounts” do not differ in health status. That is, there are no negative consequences from “moderate doses”, in principle, but there are also positive ones. And practicing narcologists believe that even in small doses, alcohol will not bring anything good. In addition, it is unknown who will determine the quality of a particular alcohol. But it is clear that the use of surrogates, for example, will not benefit the body, regardless of the dose.

If you decide to take alcohol “for health”, you need to see a doctor and get his approval. Well, at least to clarify whether there are no contraindications. Alcohol clearly does more harm than good to the body. And the doctors themselves, even if they recognize the benefits of alcohol, will not take the responsibility to recommend any doses. Just because they don’t know whether you have a tendency to alcoholism, whether you will comply with a safe norm.

Alcohol How To Drink Correctly

And what secrets of a safe meal can you share? Do you consider champagne acceptable on holidays for minors? Do you take alcohol “for health”? Share your opinion in the comments!

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