All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

For the preparation of this material, I was seated by a letter from the reader, consulting with our portal about the intricacies of the operation of floor coverings. This article is intended to briefly introduce all readers to the majority of traditional and modern materials for finishing flooring.

Parquet can be divided into pieces, mosaic (mosaic), boards, parquet boards.

Piece parquet

Piece parquet forms the front layer of the floor with a certain pattern. He is going from the individual parquet blocks with a length of 200-500 mm, a width of 70 mm, a thickness of 8-22 mm, made of solid wood of valuable breeds. From the bars laid out various patterns.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

Piece parquet can withstand 3-4-fold renewal and serve for about 30-40 years. Requires repair every 7-10 years (grinding and varnishing).

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

Parquet board

The most common flooring in the cottages still parquet. It consists of 3 layers of wood glued together under high pressure. The top layer is a valuable breed (oak, beech, ash). Middle and lower-cheaper (usually pine, aspen, spruce). They are arranged so that the fibers of each layer are perpendicular to the fibers of the neighboring.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

This design minimizes the geometric deformation of the Board when humidity changes. The thickness of the upper working layer ranges from 2.2 to 6 mm, and the entire Board does not exceed 25 mm.the Thickness and properties of the upper rock determine not only the appearance of the coating, but also its durability, and hence durability. But all three layers are responsible for other properties, so it is important which wood is used to make the bottom of the Board.

What to look for when choosing

The determining characteristic when choosing a tree is considered to be Brinell hardness. The higher its value, the material is more resistant to various influences.

It is known that in trees growing in the harsh Northern conditions, the distance between the annual rings is less, therefore, higher density, hardness, strength of the material.

The density and properties of different tree species differ significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the breed to a particular room. For example, beech is very sensitive to changes in humidity, it instantly reacts to too dry climate. And teak is a universal material (absolutely not afraid of moisture), it can be placed inside any room (it is used even on the decks of yachts).

There are 3 main types of drawing on separate boards:

  • single band;
  • two-lane;
  • three-way.

Some manufacturers have other geometric patterns, such as multiband.

Varnish or oil

The surface of the parquet Board is treated with varnish (6-7 layers) or oil (2-3 layers). Here our summer resident will face a problem of a choice again: the varnish is more practical, more effectively protects wood from scratches. And the parquet processed with oil is more pleasant to the touch, keeps natural beauty and drawing of a tree. In this case, the lacquer surface is repaired completely, and the correction of oiled can be done fragmentary.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

Leading companies with the help of modern technologies seek to combine the best properties of oil and varnish. For example, the parquet Board produced by the Finnish company “Karelia” is covered with an elastic varnish that does not form a film: the surface remains matte, pleasant to look and touch, and at the same time has a high wear resistance.

Methods of laying

When laying, you can glue each Board to the base. But mostly used floating method of laying-without attachment to the base. With a Board held together by locking or glued connection. Systems with lock connections remind children’s designer: on the ends and edges of each Board there are grooves and ledges. Connecting the elements together, quickly lay the floor can even a layman. Therefore, interlock almost forced out of the adhesive.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

Modern technologies have made the parquet Board easy to lay, cheaper. Perhaps that is why it has become so often used for flooring of residential buildings.

Shield parquet

Another kind of parquet – panel. Shields the size 800 x 800, 1420 х 1420 mm consist of pan, lined with top straps. Planks are mainly produced from wood of valuable species,and the base-from coniferous.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

When transporting any kind of parquet, care must be taken. In the assembled state, the floors are strong, and in the form of slats –very fragile, easily damaged even from minor impacts. Therefore, before buying, it is desirable to check whether there are any cracks on several randomly selected from the packaging lamellae.

Massive board

Recently, a massive Board, emphasizing the natural beauty of the tree, has become increasingly recognized. Solid wood comes in boards of different thickness, width, length (up to 5 m). Then it is processed using modern technology.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

For the manufacture of solid wood using traditional wood – oak and exotic species. In the modern manufacture of floor coverings of steel to use and such amazing breed as Paduk. Boards from Paduk differ unusually rich drawing with unique shades. Yes, this flooring will transform any room, give it comfort and originality.

Depending on the processing, the same tree may look completely different. When brushing a special machine in the form of a metal brush surface combs weak fibers, after which the Board becomes more natural and pleasant to the touch. A structuring-a process similar to the processing of conventional planer, whereby the surface becomes wavy, emphasizes the naturalness of the material.

All the Secrets of the Parquet, or Which Parquet to Choose

The choice is yours

What to choose from the listed materials for arrangement of the giving? As experience shows, the best option – panel parquet, which has passed all stages of processing and coating the necessary compositions in mass production. It will only be mounted on a prepared base.

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