Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Keeping the trunk space under the garden trees in perfect order is a very important point that affects the aesthetic perception of the garden. Beautiful and well-maintained trees require an appropriate environment.

Disputes about whether to dig up the trunk circle under apple trees and other fruit trees, perhaps, will never subside. Both sides of the issue have their own fans, and each comes up with their own reasonable arguments and does what they see as right. But today we want to talk about the creative side of the issue and show how you can design a place under a tree with decorative plants.

Design options for the trunk circle

The trunk circle of an apple tree can be decorated in different ways. Whichever one you choose, remember that the diameter of the trunk circle increases with the growth of the tree, which means that the area for its design also grows.

Border tape restriction

The classic option is when the tree is surrounded by a curb tape and the trunk circle is mulched with humus. This method is perfect for practical people who want to minimize the time spent on gardening.

Surrounding the trunk circle with a curb tape is a practical solution for delineating the surface of the lawn and the space around the trunk. Today, you can choose any of the types of curb tapes, but the best for this purpose is a smooth flexible tape with a height of about 10 cm.

Lawn under a tree

Complete blackening of the trunk space is very beautiful, but the method has nuances. For young trees, dense turf from lawn grasses can create competition, moisture and nutrient solutions are more difficult to pass through this layer, and air exchange is difficult. On adult trees, the lawn has little effect.

Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Mown grass

Mulching with mown grass is economical and quite a good option. It has some advantages:

  • you rationally use the vegetable remains accumulated after frequent mowing of the lawn,
  • create a protective layer (retaining moisture in the soil),
  • you prevent the growth of weeds,
  • at the same time the tree receives natural top dressing.

But the main thing here is to be careful. The grass layer should not exceed 3 cm, otherwise rotting processes will begin, which will negatively affect the condition of the tree. Also, do not lay out the grass close to the trunk, so that the bark does not suffer. Mulching with mown grass is carried out once a month, and you can put a new layer on the previous one only when you are convinced that the old one has dried well.

Pine bark

Yes-pine bark, no-wood chips. Mulching with bark is a more profitable measure, in addition, such a coating is less exposed to rot and is not attacked by insect pests, it retains its aesthetic appearance longer (practice has shown that it must be poured into the trunk circle only after 3-4 years).

Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Garden plants

Planting strawberries is an excellent option for decorating the trunk space near the apple tree. The root system of plants is superficial, it does not harm the tree at all, in addition, all the agrotechnical procedures necessary for strawberries (loosening, nutritious mulching, weeding) will also please the apple tree, even fertilizers can be selected suitable for both crops. In addition, strawberries will be able to please you with the harvest, although the berries in such conditions ripen a little later than in the open sun bed.

Under the tree, you can plant strawberries, but without much hope for the harvest. The main thing in this case is not to allow plants to create a dense carpet under the trunk circle, which would be difficult to care for. Therefore, every autumn it is necessary to process strawberries, remove mustaches — and plant them on other beds or trunk circles.

Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Decorative onions and garlic will only decorate the trunk circle, and also protect the apple tree from pests. Parsley, dill or salads can also be safely sown under the crown.

Green manure — in the circle

It is known that siderates (field peas, beans, beans, etc.) saturate the soil with nitrogen, and many of them look very nice in flowering (phacelia, mustard, rapeseed, etc.). So why not plant them under a tree? After removing them, the green mass can simply be removed or left as a natural mulch.

Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Flowers under the tree

Under fruit trees, it is not recommended to create beds of perennial plants, as their root system becomes dense and adversely affects the growth and development of the tree. It is better to organize a flower garden of unpretentious annuals:

  • Marigolds to its peculiar scent deters pests
  • the dwarf species of sunflower in the garden attract beneficial insects-pollinators,
  • Coleus with variegated and colorful leaves, annual carnations will create a bright carpet under the tree,
  • ornamental Kale will enliven the autumn garden picture (especially when trees will fall almost all the leaves),
  • calendula has antibacterial effects, removes from its territory of slugs, caterpillars.

Apple Tree Trunk Circle: Design Options

Always remember that the satellite plants of the apple tree should not have a powerful root system and a high ground part. It is advisable to choose annual species up to 50 cm high, which will be compatible with apple and other fruit trees.

Have you ever designed tree trunks in an orchard? Be sure to tell us and show in the comments your options for compositions under the tree.

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