Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly

Beauty Petunia look great on the beds and wonderful bloom all summer. And they seem to be created for planting in pots, balcony boxes, all sorts of baskets and vases. Bright colors in portable mini-flowers can decorate the entrance area, and a veranda, and a Playground for relaxing. At the end of April, it’s time to start planting Petunia seedlings in baskets and pots.

The root system of Petunia is relatively large, so to create a mini-flower beds should take enough large pots or pots. Small baskets are not suitable, they are better to plant, for example, Lobelia, which does not have powerful roots.

It is important to properly prepare the soil mix. It should be borne in mind that Petunia — a person extremely voracious, for abundant flowering it requires a lot of food. Another important point to keep in mind is the rapid drying of the soil in a limited volume of pot.

For growing Petunia in pots suitable moisture-intensive mixture, loose and fertile. It can be purchased in the store or cook yourself. In case your garden land is dense and heavy, you need to add neutral peat and sand. The proportions depend on the type of main soil, but approximately on 2 parts of heavy earth is taken on 1 part of peat and sand.

Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly
It is important to prepare a suitable soil mix

To simplify watering, many growers use hydrogel or vermiculite. The hydrogel is soaked (saturated) in water or a solution of fertilizers for flowers in advance. Vermiculite is convenient to knead in the preparation of soil mixtures. It is also good to immediately add a slow-soluble complex fertilizer, it can be, for example, superphosphate.

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Many people are concerned about the question, how many petunias optimally planted in a specific container. You need to focus primarily on the size of an adult plant, information about this conscientious producers print on the packaging with seeds. For example, in pots with dimensions 40X18X15 cm can be placed 2 plants Bush Petunia.

Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly
We determine the number of plants.

And now we offer several options for creating portable mini-flower beds.

  • Pots with petunias and Lobelia

Fill the pots prepared by the mixture to about half. Place two plants Bush Petunia so that after the final filling their level of cultivation remains the same.

Fill the soil almost to the top of the plant and plant a few plants ampel Lobelia. Its root system is small, so it will not compete with Petunia.

Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly
Pots with petunias and Lobelia

  • A basket of annuals

The bottom of the bulk basket is lined with dense polyethylene, in which we make small holes with scissors to drain excess water. Fill with potting mix to the brim.

With one hand planted one plant Bush petunias. On the other hand, we plant several plants of ampel Lobelia.

Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly
A basket of annuals

The remaining space will be reserved for the white fragrant alyssum. It can be grown seedlings, but direct sowing in the ground is quite acceptable, it rises perfectly. Sow alyssum surface and cover with a transparent lid until the shoots. Later, we will need to leave 2-3 plants, so after a reliable germination, the excess should be removed.

As a result, we will get a charming basket with a flowering Petunia and a white fragrant cloud of alissum, which will emphasize the Lobelia.

  • Pots in blue and white
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Planted in pots two petunias with blue color of flowers as in the first version. Between them seeding a bit of alyssum and covers it with the transparent lid.

It will take 2-3 days and the seeds will germinate, the lid can be removed. Later it is necessary to remove the excess sprouts, leaving a couple of plants.

Baskets and Pots With Petunias: Plant Correctly
Alyssum sprouts for 2-3 days

As a result, we get a white fragrant cloud in the center and blue flowers of Petunia on the edges. It will be even more interesting if you choose a hybrid Petunia with blue colors with a white border on the edge.

If you plant flower seedlings in may and plan to put flowers in the open air, then for the first 2-4 days they need to be placed in the shade. So plants easier to adapt to new conditions and quickly become stronger.

And what mini-flower beds are in your garden? Share with us in the comments.

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